Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I am finally back at college and looking for an excuse not to do an assignment. The very old Blog entry qualified as a legitimate excuse.

The problem of course with this, is now I have to come up with something interesting to say. So here is my attempt. I have just finished coming out of my drama class. It is fascinating how different the director of this class is to pretty much every other director I've worked with. This lady knows what she is looking for, but has a terrible time doing it herself. In other words, she doesn't give very good examples. On the plus side, this causes us to try different things we didn't know we could do before. I'm quite excited because although I didn't get the part I wanted, I did get a part that will make the whole thing rather interesting for me. I suppose I should fill you in on what the heck I'm talking about....

We are performing The Merchant of Venice. I auditioned for the part of Shylock. I didn't get it. What I got instead was the part of Lancelot, the clown. (don't say it...Don't even say it)

well, after a very interesting time mucking around on stage, I think I've reached performance exhaustion. This is really sad because we only went for an hour and a half, and we normally will be going for 2 hours once a week. I've got to build up my stamina!