Friday, July 31, 2009


I need my american girl friend to come to my house ASAP! her dress making CAPE making skills are required. She made my awesomest cape ever when we were in high i need her to address the dress required for Terry Pratchett's death.

JENNE I NEED YOU! i'm sending out the seamstress signal!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Comic-Con

A brief statement between Comic-Con attendees...
Guy #1: "I haven't seen a single slave Leia this year."

Guy #2: "That's gotta be a sign of the apocalypse. I blame the vampires."

More quotes found here

great songs from Commentary: the musical

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warning: the following rant may offend

[insert music "lets talk about sex, baby. Lets talk about you and me...]

If you were raised in a Christian lifestyle you would have had it pounded into you (hehe.."pounded into you") that you were NOT supposed to have sex before you were married. Every good christian girl knows that they are supposed to wait because sex will be "amazing" once they finally made it to that big glorious white ceremony at the church.

Christian books will tell you that waiting makes you better able to connect with your future spouse. They tell you it builds trust between two people. That sex will be better and your marriage is sure to last if you abstain. They tell you that if you don't wait, you will instantly become pregnant and or contract a STI.

The problem with these books is that they use fear and manipulation to pressure people into an early marriage. I have known more than one couple who chose to get married because they wanted to have sex. An early marriage does not build trust. A rushed relationship does not guarentee a good marriage just because genitals weren't bumped before the "i dos" were said.

I don't have a problem with waiting for your spouse. I think a big reason why i chose to wait was because i didn't want to tempt the fates and get a disease or become pregnant (which i kinda saw as a disease anyway).

Things that really make a relationship work have more to do with communication, thoughtfullness, forgiveness, growing together, and shared goals....and more communication. While sex might impact these things, the impact is minimal if the communication is great enough. There is very little that can't be overcome with a well thoughtout discussion.

It has been my experience that 90% of the Christian dating books have been useless. They have done little to address the real issue of marriage, learning how to communicate with your spouse. They spend too much time warning of the dangers of sex and telling you how amazing it will be after you get married. But really, IT IS JUST SEX! it is far smaller an issue that being true to yourself through adolence or learning how to interact with the opposite sex without losing yourself.

There is much to be said for waiting for marriage...this is more to be said for developing fabulous communication before marriage. I just wish more would be written about it.

(watch this space for Kristin's new book: Beating back the Christian social bullshit)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

this is funny!

It is so much fun when a tv series is able to mock itself, IN SHOW!...This is from the series as it mocks where it came from: Buffy

sharing the passion

I do love Joss is not a big secret. I have adored his Dollhouse series and was somewhat disappointed with the response it got. However, that seems to be changing. I read a great little blog entry about what dollhouse is about. I thought i'd share the link because Alyssa says it so well!

Click here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too much radio goo goo!

As a 'perk' of my job i get to listen to the top 40 radio station all day long. Every morning they do a segment where the male host calls up some unsuspecting victim and convinces them that something has gone horribly wrong in their life. He continues to pester them until they come unstuck and start swearing or yelling. He then reveals himself (as a radio host) and tells them one of their beloved friends or relatives set them up. and then comes the part i don't get. The person who has just been duped, THANKS the radio host for doing this to them.

I find the whole process annoying at best so perhaps i should find a different topic to speak on but i can't help but want to rant a little.

If anyone did this to me, there would be no "funny ha ha" moment at the end. There would be a 'click'. The person who set me up would find that our relationship had somewhat soured. I have enough stress in my life, i really don't want anyone ADDING TO IT!

and i guess i kind of imagine the rest of the world is the same...

but apparently I'm wrong because these poor losers keep THANKING the damn host for stressing them out til their eyeballs pop!

some days i really do feel like an alien on this planet.

Monday, July 13, 2009

i love my comedy shows...I love Paul McDermott...they should over work him and have him on tv every night.

Maybe i'll petition for a Paul tv sweatshop:)

it might sound sus...but it would make me happy

Sunday, July 12, 2009

i really enjoyed postsecrets this week. Can't really say why this week was better than other, but it just seemed to hit the spot...

Friday, July 10, 2009

the stress might be getting to me

If I hear one more advertisement tell me to "trust the experts", i think i'm going to scream! Every advertisement that claims to have found a cure for this that or the other thing continues to demand that i trust them, but give little or no reason why. Perhaps i should trust them because they are on television, the internet, or my radio. But the truth is, very few of the advertisements will give exactly what they promise. In fact, i have yet to find a product that does what a television comercial claim it does.

For instance, IBProfin does not lead to walks on beaches with dogs. At best, it leads to not writhing around in pain.

Various de-greasers do not magically wipe the grease way with an easy swipe. You have to scrub! It is a dirty job and i never get to the end of it and look 'fresh'.

So, dear advertisers, i do NOT want to trust you or whatever product you are peddling. now leave me the FUCK alone!!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Becky inspired: Last words

Philby, St John ( -1960) "God, I'm bored."

Rodgers, James W. ( -1960) [American criminal] "Why yes, a bulletproof vest!" (On his final request before the firing squad.)

Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862)
`Have you made your peace with your God?'
`I never quarreled with my God.'
`But aren't you concerned about the next world?'
`One world at a time.'
(Discussion with his aunt on his deathbed)

Villa, Francisco `Pancho' (1878-1923) "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

Voltaire (1694-1778) "This is no time to make new enemies." (When asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan.)

Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900) "Either this wallpaper goes, or I do!"

quotes from:
Spend most of the day trying to do something that i didn't have the skill feels like a waisted day. grrr.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

a response

The Fourth of July is the day Americans celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, not that it was actually signed on July fourth, they just celebrate it then. (We'll blame the teachers for that one) The Declaration of Independence made known to the world (eg, Britain) that the people were no longer going to be kicked around by another country. From now on, they stated, we will kick our own people around! This were their first step away from the parent country. Thus America celebrates her freedom every 4th of July.

Having spent my entire childhood in the United States, I have found myself in a position of losing a holiday when I moved to Australia. Growing up my family loved a good celebration, especially if it held the potential to blow someone's hand off. The day would start out early. Dad would start the makings of vanilla ice cream. Soon we'd have bags packed and be heading out to our favourite firework destination. As any good hill billy will tell you, the best locations are on tops of cars and buildings. We'd stake our spot with friends and start up the barbecue. The barbecue would involve hot dogs and roasted corn on the cob that would swim in butter. For desert, watermelon and ice cream. With our bellies bulging, we lay on blankets (yes, on top of cars and occasionally a roof) to watch the official fireworks show. It would be spectacular. It would feel like you could reach out and touch those big sparkly fireballs. But the end of the firework show didn't mean the end of the night. Now it was time to light our own fireworks. My entire street would line up in their driveways to light off firecrackers. The street lit up like daylight...if daylight was green, blue, red, and gold. The whole neighbourhood was filled with sound. Screaming rockets were thrown into the sky to explode into bright colours. Smoke would hang heavy in the air, it would fill the nostrils and sting the eyes. It was one of 2 nights of the year we were allowed to stay up well past midnight. (the other was Christmas Eve...yeah, we had extra traditions for Christmas)

Over the past decade national freedoms in America have changed. Our understanding of freedom of speech and freedom of press, among many, have all changed. Personal freedom, such as the freedom to make a choice, a stand, a statement of belief, have not. Nationally we may be free, but freedom is not simply a state of a nation. It is a state of mind and body. It is personal. The choices we make about the people we want to be, continues to effect us. If we,as people, take these choices of freedom for granted our personal growth becomes stunted at best, stagnate at worst. No matter what our political stance, we celebrate and revel in our freedom, nationally as well as personally, on July 4th.

Today, I've missed my 7th fourth of July celebration but I am not concerned. I miss the fanfare, but when I'm serious, I know that my personal freedom was not founded on July 4. For me, freedom was very physical. It was when I took my first hesitant steps as an adult, spread my wings and flew away. Freedom to me is about making my own decisions, choosing my own path. Much like the United States, I'll probably make a few mistakes along the way, but no one will ever accuse me of taking my freedom for granted.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


If i click my heals together three times and say "there is no place like buffy-verse, there is no place like buffy-verse" will this come true?

Buffy season 8 poster 2