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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Candidates

Over the last several months i have heard a multitude of Americans say they aren't "into" politics. This is usually said in conjunction with the reasons why voting should or should not be carried out. Whether or not your interests lay with the politicians, it is definitely worth your while to pay attention to who's who in the upcoming elections. Because i'm "into" politics, i'll give you a brief on a few of the leading contenders. Of course my personal bias my shine through...i do appogise.


Pretty much the new kid on the block. He's interested in changing the way things are done in the White House. Pro: He has a lot of enthusiasm for the job and some scary self drive. Potentially he would make a brilliant president. Con: he doesn't have a lot of experience. Will his enthusiasm and confidence hold up against the glamour of the new power?

She's the one with the experience. She has been there done that. Pro: She already knows the pit falls of the job. Con: Is she strong enough to avoid falling into them again (like she did with health care?)


He's the rogue vote on the republican side. He doesn't look different from any other US president, but he'd be the first Mormon president. Pro: He's had a lot of experience working with big corporations and events. He could probably handle running the US country. Con: He doesn't come off as a real contender when interviewed.

He's pushing the evelope on age but he's quite determined and in many ways he's much more appealing during interviews. Pro: He's against torture. He's had personal experience, so doesn't like it. It may mean that he gets the US' reputation closer to what it once was. Con: While currently looking shipshape, he is getting up there, his vice president better be one we all like.

The preacher who wants to save the USA by running for President. He's likely to get a few votes from the Christian conservatives. Pro: He's a professional public speaker. Hopefully this means he isn't likely to make a fool of the nation when he visits foreign countries. Con: He's an American Christian and right now, American Christians have a reputation for being bloodthirsty SOBs (sorry).

Isn't he cute?

Our long weekend was hugely eventful. The most prominent event being the watching of this adorable little koala run around his enclosure. (and i do mean RUN). Now i should clarify, when i say 'adorable', they are not adorable because they are cute and cuddly. They are adorable because they *look* cute and cuddly but have a shorter temper than than a US patriot forced to deal with foreigners. One of the koalas (not pictured below) had bit off the nipple of one of the handlers...and i do mean completely off! When they get angry and decide to bite, they are thorough in their attack and can leave their human victim quite mangled. Their claws are not weak either. The claws are designed to climb and hold on to very tough bark. This means that a koala's claws are not merely for decoration. They can easily pierce the skin, several layers deep.

So it is with that in mind that i give you this adorable little koala (the background voices are the people standing next to us)

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Film Review: Sweeney Todd

I have always loved collaborations between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton....throw in a little of Helen Bonham Carter and i'm in film critic heaven. There is something amazing about that sort of combination. wow!

So it was with great expectation (and a little anxiety) that i went to see Sweeney Todd. My anxiety stemmed from the fact that i do not like lots of blood and gore. I'm actually quite against it. Tim has the habit of using this technique and i was warned beforehand that it would be there.

I took a deep breath and plunged into the unknown.

Turns out i shouldn't have worried. The film was a great allegory about what happens to people when they obsess about revenge. (true, this tale has been done by The Count of Monte Cristo...but this is a more edgy version) There is Tim's signature "let's see how much blood we can spray at the audience", but you can see it coming and i managed to avoid the spay every time by one. He balances the allegory with humour and more than a little bit of darkness then sprinkles the entire thing with SONGS. The songs are probably the most disturbing part of the film. Not because they are not done well, but because they start singing at points you've never seen anyone sing at before. When's the last time you went to see an action film that as soon as the action started the hero burst into song?...its been a while, huh? Well, that is why the songs are disturbing.

Over all i'd have to say another excellent production by a very talented team. It was so nice to see a story that was more than just a story, and yet do it in such a way as to keep me guessing what the film makers would do next.

Having said that, however, it was not one of my favourite films. In fact, while i am glad to have seen it once, i probably will not see it again. The film as a whole was a bit too depressing to watch a second time...perhaps next time i'm in a depressing mood i may change my mind, but for the moment, once was enough. Plus, the some of the musical scenes are a bit drawn out. I did not feel that i needed dialogue repeated to get the point and there were some numbers that i felt dragged a bit because they kept repeating concepts.

Kristin's rating: 7/10

Torchwood clip

I am a big fan of the BBC. I also am a fan of most of the actors from Buffy. Imagine my surprise when the two worlds collided. James Marsters had a guest appearance on the show "Torchwood" a spin off of the "Dr. Who" series. Although this 8 minute clip is on the long side, its probably the best 8 minutes of the show. Plus the snogging scene is classic! Let me know what you think!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

question (part 2)

Well, after doing some online research about the previous post, i came up with this conclusion:

Abortion statistics are fickle.

First of all most abortion statistics are displayed by those who are pro-life (read: anti-abortion, pro death penalty).This means that they "torture the numbers until they'll tell you anything you want.". They fail to mention that the data collected includes natural abortions (where the body aborts the pregnancy on its own, also known as a miscarriage). This skews the figures since many women will experience a miscarriage in their lifetime. But since this is counted as an abortion, they can then claim that"Worldwide, the lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman."

Its frustrating. It suddenly sounds like all women hate having children...or worse, they all get pregnant recklessly and flippantly get rid of the 'problem'. It makes women seem irrational at best and at worst, villianises them.

I suppose i could break into a man conspiracy; making women to be less than they are...but i don't think this is the case. The answer is far less complicated. It has more to do with keeping people shocked and fearful. Statistics that 'prove' so many abortions are being cared out each year is shocking...especially when you personally don't know that you know of anyone who's had an abortion...and it keeps people fearful of the people around them by making them wonder if they are secretly a "baby killer".

I don't think that assisted abortions are as common as as the statistics claim. I do think that when politics get involved it's less about the 'babies' and more about controlling the people.

So in the end, we're still left wondering where Bush found his numbers...but it's less important. We know he tortured them into doing his will anyway, after all he's stance on the torture issue is already well known... even Canada. knows.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


US President Bush has claimed in his speach to the pro-life marchers that 1 in 5 pregnacies end in abortion. Does any one know where he got that figure? Has any one seen any research to back up that number?

I would like to know if that figure includes abortions that the body does itself without help from doctors. Does the statistic take into account all pregnancies or just in the USA?

If anyone can help me out, i'd definitely like to know.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Bob is finally starting to settle into the house. The biggest reason, i believe is that we changed his diet and took him to the vet. We decided to change his diet due mostly to the fact that his current food was too heavy in the cereals and almost nothing in the meats. So now he's on a special diet that specialises in actual meat. We had Orion on the same brand of food and we were very happy with his physical health because of it. We are hoping this brand will do the same for bob.

The vet was also an important step in helping bob to settle in. We had been noticing his back side was nearly bare with how often he was pulling out the hair. The vet said he had a skin condition, dermatitides, and gave him a shot of cortisone which has cleared up the skin quite quickly. Without a itchy bum, he's been much more friendly and sociable, although he definitely has favourite people (my mother-in-law being one of them).

Now that he's a bit more stable on the health front, he seems to be more willing to accept us. No more crying through the night and lots more following us around. He's shaping up to be a real treat to have.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Because i'm a not-quite closet is a link i thought other not-quite-closet treky's might like.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

survived by three cats

Death is a morbid topic. (It's a bit redundant to put it that way, but i was hoping to catch your attention with a clever opening line) No one wants to think that every one they know will eventually end up pushing up daisies, but at some point your mind will go there and if your quick enough to turn it back to something else, you're much more clever than I.

Wikipedia is a fascinating source of information of a vast array of different people, places and things. Today I skipped places and things and went straight to people. I read the biography of Capucine. She was a beautiful girl who was a model and actress from the late 1940s - 1990. She was a bright girl with a B.A. in Foreign Languages. And like all girls, she had a few strange ideas. She was once quoted as saying, " A woman needs to know that the man is her master". She also was a manic-depressive. She was fabulously happy one minute and tragically suicidal the next.

Although Capucine was seen as a sex object to men around the world, and she obviously had some interesting ideas about men's roles, she never had a long term relationship with a man. (and there is no evidence that she was a lesbian either so you can get that thought out of your head!). She had affairs. The longest known was two years with a man who was married and known to have been "in love" with her friend Audrey Hepburn. But none of her affairs really lasted.

After other suicide attempts, Capucine finally jumped from her 8th floor apartment on 17 March 1990. Her obituary read that she was survived by her three cats. Either the columnist didn't like her much, or she lived a very lonely life.

Forgive me for being a bit morbid today...but this was a life glimpse I thought worth telling. Hopefully our obituaries will have more to say than "survived by three cats".

giggle for the day

Hehehe....this is funny. (warning: fashion ahead!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

dangers of blogging

While this graph clearly shows that few people have died in blogging accidents, the numbers have quickly increased to over 100 since early last week. It is a tragic day when blogging truely becomes a dangerous way to live.

my very life could be in danger as i type! but my dedication to my ego drives me on to bring you this enlightening blog...which i hope truly does bring you lanters and torches.

So it is with great pride that i give you, my blog for the day:

Top five deadly dangerous things to do while blogging

5. Sit on an exercise ball while typing on your laptop (no touching the ground)
4. Curl hair, next to full tub of water, while typing...
3. drink typing (need i say more?)
2. Blow dry your hair with a nail gun
1. Chew on the laptop cable

Monday, January 14, 2008


top five things to accomplish this week

5. post blog on
4. Visit my dearest adopted grandma
3. Take the car in for its usual check up.
2. Take me in for my usual check up
1. Not kill anyone.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

my mottos

I don't actually have any mottos, but if i did, they might include some of these:

If at first you don't secceed, don't sky dive.

Accept it. Embrace it. Try not to get run over by it.

Remember: FIRST you pillage. THEN you burn

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


No good argument should start with anything but the word 'if'. 'If' immediately puts the blame on another person while squarely identifying the starter of the argument as the victim.

"If you really loved me...."

This sentence makes the other person realise that they are not conveying their love properly with the added bonus of telling them what they can do to get the love flowing again.

Of course if you actually want a real relationship you can never use "if" to start an argument because its manipulative. A real relationship is supposed to rely heavily on trust. Of course...what is trust without an occasional dabbling into the arts of the jilted lover.

A typical manipulative art is to cry, however, this technique has become less effective throughout the years, unless it is the man who is crying. A better technique is to drastically change from your "happy self" into something polar opposite. This should be completed in seconds as to achieve maximum effect.

Another great technique is to disconnect emotionally for days. This isn't for the weak minded, it will take stubborn determination to stay away from your lover until you sense that they are desperate to understand what is happening with you. Then quickly turn into your "happy self" and ask something of your partner that you'd never normally ask. They will submit without hesitation.

Yet this advice comes with a warning, as all good advice should...Manipulation leads to lack of trust. Lack of trust leads to break down of relationships. A solid relationship doesn't need manipulation to achieve goals. A simple request will often suffice, A long discussion will clear things up, and a lot of Forgiveness with wipe away many sins.

Or you could work on those convoluted manipulation arts....who knows one day you might actually get them to work properly for you.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

top 5 things i wish candidates would worry about

5.New business - i would love to see the government put some real muscle behind getting mobile innovation on the move. Either some mass public transport systems or new ways to travel independently.

4. Global warming - its time the EPA (enviormental protection agency) started actually working to protect the environment.

3.Personal freedom - trust needs to be given back to the public. Their rights to privacy need to be respected and restored.

2.foreign policy - better diplomacy with foreign countries. no more: "USA way or no way".

1.Torture - zero tolerance policy on torture. If we have to torture people to "keep us safe" than we aren't really even safe from ourselves.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to my democratic country, please forfeit your rights here.

As a citizen of a democratic country, i expect some benefits. I expect elaborate benefits such as my Human Rights (denoted by the United Nations). I expect that the freedoms of religion, speech, and press will help to keep "the bastards honest" in my country.

The problem is that i'm not sure these rights are actually being protected or respected...from the government OR the people. It's almost as if the people have decided to bend over and willingly take it up the backside from these hill-billy's in suits!

Every time i read the news i am shocked by what the government is allowed to get away with. From secret prisons to kidnapping...sometimes of their own citizens...from torture to blatant political manipulation of the press! All this in the name of keeping the country safe from "terrorism". But forgive me if i'm wrong, but isn't the root of the word terrorism "terror"? and isn't that what is being promoted by keeping the people in fear? ("if we don't add another 60 million dollars to the defence budget the terrorists will have won!)Do we even care about education? healthcare?

I suppose if a country is full of people who can't read or write (the stuff that comprises a lot of the education part of that last question) than there is less need for a free press....or of free speech...or of even real communication. After all...if we have these things, the 'terrorists' would know what we are thinking...which would lead us to getting our asses bombed back into the stone age....although without the healthcare or education, it wouldn't take long for us to get there all by ourselves!

thanks to Canadians for Direct Democracy for the cartoon.