Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MJ Dance moves

Step 1. Find a pair of low grip shoes you could try to do it in your socks to start off with.

Step 2. Make sure that the ground you use to practise to moonwalk on is also not too grippy, try and find a polished floor.

Step 3. Stand with both feet close to each other, left foot slightly ahead of the right (toes of right should be in line with half the left foot)

Step 4. Now raise the heel of the right foot so that you are standing on the front of the right foot as if you are taking a step. The left foot must stay where it is (take care not to move it).

Step 5. As you lower the heel of the right foot, lean all your weight on the right foot, and drag back the left foot to so that its toes are in line with the heel of the right foot. The left foot's heel must be slightly off the ground at this stage. As you drag back, do not push down on the left foot at all or it will not glide. Make sure as you lower the heel of the right foot (slowly) the left moves at an equal speed. This will need lots of practice to master the right speed.

Step 6. Keep practicing up to the above steps until you can make the movement subconsciously without any difficulty.

Step 7. Once you have mastered that, "kick" outwards with the left foot, but although not quite touching the ground, make it look as if it is touching. Move it out a foot-size's worth away from the toes of the right. No part of the left foot should be raised higher than another.

Step 8. After you make your left foot move so it is at the starting position, lift up the heel once more of the right foot. Make sure the left leg is bent at the knee. Now repeat step 5. Keep practicing until you have the whole thing figured out, and it has been verified by others, and you feel quite comfortable with it. You should eventually get that gravity-defying effect and you'll MoonWalk like the pro.

Step 9. Once you've figured it out for the right leg bending, switch legs, and try the same with the other foot. Lift heel of left, lower left as you glide right back. Left still on the ground, throw out right foot, lift up heel of left foot, and once again drag right foot back as left heel is lowered.


Monday, May 28, 2007

lets talk

so um....[awkward silence] ....

what do you want to talk about?

My 5 Rules on blogging

5. Find something that interests me, then share it with the internet

4. Make sure the post has some form of illustration

3. Site the sourse somewhere in the post

2. Try to encourage discussion

1. Don't make it too personal

Sunday, May 27, 2007

blogger rage

Although the following rant relates to nothing we have discuessed over the last few weeks, i feel i must say something about this.

Hunting is a sport that, while i don't like it, i'm not against it. That is to say, i'm not against hunting animals in the right season and that are not protected by laws. I don't have any moral objecting to the death of animals that pose a threat to the human community around them. But i DO have an objection to killing an incredibly unique creature just to say that you've killed it.

In the case of Jamison Stone, the 11 year old boy who killed a wild boar meassuring 2.7 meters (9 feet 4 inches) long and weighing in at 476 kg(1,051 pounds), i've got a problem. It is the biggest boar that we have a record of EVER and we've just killed it. Now i realise that he probably didn't realise it was the biggest on record, but i know he knew it was the biggest he'd ever seen. It was bigger than anyone in his hunting party had ever seen. So in order to say that he'd done it, they killed it.

Then in order to take it out of the woods, "trees had to be cut down and a backhoe brought in to bring Jamison's prize out of the woods".

Yes, i know that the pig was found on hunting ground. And yes i know it was in season...but does our nature really ask for us to kill just because we can?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Once more with feeling

I know that i've technically already wrapped up music week, but i thought i'd add just one more thing to this week. It is not a new artist, nor new is one of the tracks to the musical episode of Buffy. I thought those Buffy fans would enjoy it, and those who aren't, would get a bit of a giggle out of it...

Walk through the fire- from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Friday, May 25, 2007

Last day

On this, the last day of music week, i felt that there was several more artists i wanted to share with you. So i have decided to narrow my list of ten thousand to two.

The first is Thirsty Merc. They are a band from Melbourne (Australia). They have a hit and miss history, with many of their songs being aclaimed for lyrics or music, but rarely both at the same time. Their unique sound qualifies them for the honour of being featured. Unfortunately, the song i was hoping to share with you was not available in the visial relmn. Therefore, i've chosen an older song call "Emancipate Myself".

The second musical group i'd like to share is Powderfinger. Like Thirsty Merc, they are not a new group to the musical scene, but they also do not have international stardom. (thank goodness!) Their music video to the song Sunsets is still one of my favourites. It tells an anime story. If you'd like to have a look, you can click this link and see the video. ENjoy!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

By request

Thanks to Becky for requesting Daniel Powter.

Daniel found recognition through commercial air play rather than radio. His song "bad day" appeared as a coca-cola advertisement in Europe before it went on to be used be American Idol. Origonally from Canada, this pop singer grew to fame around the world before his hit song was ever even released in his home country. So here for you enjoyment is "BAD DAY" by Daniel Powter.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Double

Today we're going to be doing a second group, called THE CAT EMPIRE! They are a Melbourne (australia) band with a ska, rock sound. The first video is probably a song you've heard before: Hello Hello!

THis video may not be one your familiar with. THe style of it is amazing thus, i felt it needed to be featured. The Chariot

John Butler Trio

The John Butler Trio was formed in 2001 with three members. It originally started as a busking band in Perth, but was soon brought into clubs and then later, John started Jarrah Records with the band The Waifs. Their band style is unique, which caused many studios to be waring of signing them for fear they would be too "Indy" for mainstream listeners.

When Jarrah Records produced The John Butler Trio's records, many people would not have guessed its success in both Indy and mainstream music. It is for this reason that they get a mention in this weeks Music blogs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Missy Higgins

While Missy probably isn't a "new" artist, she definately deserves a mention here for her ablity to create songs that speak to the soul of her audience. In Apirl 2005 she released the song "the Special Two" which brought her into the Australian limelight. Her newest single is called "Steer". Not only is the song full of lyrics that ring real, the music video is well produced and well writeen. So without further ado, Missy HIggins' video Steer:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Music week

This week we're kickin' off MUSIC WEEK. The idea of music week is to discuss music. I'll post music related blogs and i hope you tell me what you think of various different artists. My aim is to expose new (probably just to me) artists that have really cool music. So if you'r a music enthusist. This is the week for you.

OH YEAH! and if you've got ideas of bands/artists you think i need to cover this sure to email me!

First artist up: Kate Miller-Heidke


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Thats all folks

Today is the last day of Secrets week. Being that we brought this week in with a song, i thought we would finish it the same way. Thank you to everyone who participated and contemplated.

more secrets

Anonymous said...

i make out with my best friend after chirch.0+ 0+

Anonymous said...

i sometimes fantasize about the death of my dad... and then i feel better.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Secret places

Go online and you can find a mirriad of ways to share and vent secrets. Some places allow you to do it in visual form, other places are more like forums. Yet other places are all your own. A blog for example allows you to vent your fustration to vitual strangers. The problem with this form is that sometimes your friends will read it and then, no more secret.

I once had a secret blog where i told the world how much i hated the grey areas of my Christian expirience. After getting quite a bit of feedback from strangers, i realised that what i really wanted was not to vent, but to change. I wanted my christian expirience to be much different. Having a place to vent was special to me...but i wanted more.

I wonder if that is a product of my society? Wanting more, i mean. My western world allows for almost non-stop consumption of everything. Food, entertainment, sex (usually in the shape of pornography), 'Stuff'. Yet, no matter how much i have, there is always a desire for more.

I guess sharing secrets taps into my desire for 'more'. In a way, secrets are a spiritual salve. They make me feel more comfortable with who i am. I find that through the sharing of secrets, i realise i am not that different from you. In fact, we share more in common that i could ever realise. The balance i must walk is allowing myself to recognise our similarities, move past them and connect with the real world. In this virtual forum i can begin to feal the slave working, but my wounds will not heal here. I must move away from the soft comfort of knowledge and back into the bright daylight of reality. Because it is only in the daylight that my secret wounds are healed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Secret Conversation

Anonymous said...

i have lots of secrets, but the most profound one that no one would even guess of me is that i suffered post pardum depression so badly that i thought i was going crazy.
im also very confused but i wouldnt tell anyone

kris said...

why not? is there no one in your life that would understand/accept that? i truely hope your able to find a way thru it!

Anonymous said...

I think it has to do with being 'strong enough'. i had had PPD before and it was very difficult to acknowlege my depression to myself. to me it ment i wasnt a good enough mom i guess. the only person that KNEW about it was my husband...he was like DUH. but everyone else was clueless because i always put a smile on my face no matter what...even if i was crying inside for NO reason

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Secret Shared

Anonymous said...

I am angry more often then i am happy

Anonymous said...

My secret is that i can't stand the person i'm turning into...

Anonymous said...

My secret: every time I go for a walk, I assume I'll be raped.

Anonymous said...

My secret: I'm afraid I'll die alone and a failure, regretting my entire life. But I'm too afraid to make friends, take risks, or change the things I know I'll regret someday.

Monday, May 14, 2007

secret thoughts

To welcome you to secrets week. Here is a video about secrets that women might think during dating.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Leave Secrets Here

I'm inviting people to share their secrets on this page. There is no word limit (although there is a paragraph in no more than 3 or 4 paragraphs). You are not censored and you can use what ever kind of language you feel comfortable using.

If you'd prefer to use a digital image, you can send them to me at
Please label your emails with the subject wierd secrets.

From Monday, i'll be posting secrets that have been sent to me or posted in the comment boxes.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

naked secrets

Secrets are all over the net. They are popping up in all sorts of places. If you Google "Post Secrets" in the image search, you'll come up with over a millions secrets.

Frank Warren was the creator of the Post Secrets website and books. His original idea was for an art exhibition. He is now the megaphone of the silent, secret world.

Posting secrets for an entire world to read, can be invigorating, its also quite disheartening. Is there no other place to share your secrets? is friends and family not close enough?

I love reading the newest secret every week...but it always makes me wonder when I'll be brave enough to share mine with my family and friends...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Buy your drugs here!

The deadly illness of HIV/AIDS is prevalent in many poor countries. From Africa, to India, to Thailand, the illness spreads. Drug Companies are doing their best to combat this with (surprise) drugs. They are doing a good job too. The drugs actually do what they are supposed to do and save the life of the person taking them.

Unfortunately, getting the drugs can be expensive for many countries. The cost of the drug itself is not the only problem. There is the added problem of importing them into the country. The cost of transporting, plus the cost of the import/export tax can be quite a hard on a country whose average person earns less than a few dollars a day.

Thailand has come up with a solution that is helpful for their country, but pisses off the western countries. They have decided to break copyright law on these drugs and sell them to their citizens cheaper. Western countries have criticised this move because they claim the money only lines the pockets of the politicians. They further claim that Thailand had the option of getting these drugs for free through Global Fund (a Switzerland based program), they chose not to, thus proving that they only want the money for themselves.

Now I'm not a biochemist, nor an economist. But if i were running a country, i could see good business cents in making a knock-off drug in my own country, selling it to my own people and keeping the profits WITHIN the country.

I mean, at the end of the day, this seems to be asking whose pockets do i want lined with money?....

Friday, May 04, 2007

protect your children!

Before i really get into my rant here, let me just remind everyone i have no children. This should allow you to see my wisdom in this matter immediately.

An article came out today about the Disney channel accidently showing pornography instead of children's programming. The man who was interviewed about it was quite agahst that his five year old child should see something so "disgusting".

It never ceases to amuse me the lengths parents go to, to keep their children from knowing or seeing sex. The child may be able to watch violent movies, watch some guy get hit in the groin, but aposolutely NO sex is allowed in any context.

Now i'm not suggesting that parents allow their kids to watch X rated videos...but maybe a little more thought should be put into what sort of viewing is acceptable.

With any luck, a child will grow into an adult and have sex. With even more luck, they will never kill someone or be forced to watch a (real life) violent crime. By encouraging children to watch voilence on games or on screen, we inadvertantly condone crimes and condemn sex.

Is this the message we really want children to get?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The truth is out there

It was two days ago that i learned of my brother's death. He was killed with blunt force trauma to the heart. The killer never knew him, and by all understanding, never wished to know him.

The killer used a weapon that is used in many of these cases. He used words. He used words that went straight to the heart of my brother, causing pain that the killer seemed completely oblivious to. The pain was not caused by the 'truth' of these words but by underlying meaning that was there. The meaning was simply this "you are not good enough now. And you never have been and you never will be. No matter what you do, you will always be a failure in my eyes".

The pain that this caused was so great that my brother's heart broke. I know that he will never be the same man he was.

Rest in peace little brother. Second life is hard but rewarding.


5. Reading the news helps keep you informed about what is happening in the world. It helps to make you a better citizen of it!

4. Email, myspace, and blogs all must be checked and updated. It is a must that you keep in contact with friends. If you don't you may not have the proper network available when you need it.

3.Web comics need to be read so that you can help uplift other co-workers when they feel down. It is a proven fact that workers work better if they are feeling good. It is your job to help them have a good laugh!

2.The contemplation of one's navel is a time honoured tradition. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. To avoid or dismiss this tradition would be to slap your heritage in the face!

1. If you complete this task before you, there will only be another one waiting.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

can you do this?

scary funnies

Gory, gory Hallelujah

Is it just me or does gory films seem to be on the way back?

I've never liked the gory, horror genre. (I dislike my own blood. I can hardly bare to watch someone else's leak all over the big screen)

The phenomenon of gory films was described by a friend as "bloody porn". In other words, films that feature a lot of blood and guts for the sheer pleasure of the audience. He listed off a few films that have come out in Australia that he felt had done this.

I recently noticed that some of the genre's of film i enjoy most have started to incorporate the 'gore' aspect into them as well. For instance the adult fantasy film "Pan's Labyrinth" featured gore in many of the 'real life' scenes.

Why are these gore scenes so popular? Does anyone have any ideas?