Sunday, April 20, 2003

Last week I decided to go to church at my sister's church, North Creek Church. I had been there once before and found the expierence somewhat painful. I went to Sabbath school and church and the ONLY people to speak to me the entire time was my sister and my father. NOT EVEN THE GREETER SAID HELLO! So I was a bit annoyed with the church but decided to give it one more chance last week. I shouldn't have. The greeter was very excited to see my brother but totally ignored me. I was kinda annoyed with that because i was standing RIGHT NEXT to him! My sister, however, convienced me to stay for the first part of the service, my response was that I would only stay if i sat in the back and thereby was able to escape quickly if needed. I went to the back of the church with my brother. The last row had only 3 chairs in it. An older lady set her bulletin down in the third chair from the isle and left. I assumed she was saving the seat and would return. My brother and i occupied the two chairs next to her. The service began to start and seats filled quickly. We were all singing the first song when an older lady (who looked strikingly like the Greeter) came over and said "You need to scoot over. We need all the seats available today". I started to tell her that there was a lady coming back to sit in the seat next to us when the lady started to PUSH me! She kept pushing me and saying "you need to move over" and wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise! So we moved over. I never did see the lady who layed the bulletin down again....but i imagine she saw that we had taken her seat and hated our guts because of it. But this wasn't the end of the story! A few moments later they BLOCKED MY EXIT with more chair and people sitting in them! So for the entire service i was stuck! The moral to my story is, NEVER, EVER again will i go to north creek!

Friday, April 18, 2003

Ever notice how days that are bad last forever and the good days last 5 minutes?? It seems to me that the good days are in short supply. but moving on with something a little more interesting than my latest bit of mind rambling....

This week i have gotten a temporary promotion. I have become the cook at the childcare centre. It is wonderful. Instead of speading my day surrounded by little people out to harm me, i'm cooking thier food. That's right! I'm the cook! It has come with a few problem...such as standing on my feet all day and dropping 5 kilos of frozen ground beef on my foot...but over all i enjoy it. It gives me the freedom to listen to what i want and the time by my self that i have craved for so long. I LOVE IT! so my good days are here for several more weeks! (or so it appears at the moment)

Saturday, April 12, 2003

This wierd and bizarre website is dedicated to all those people who have been warped by Kristin's wierd and bizarre ways....