Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010

Top 5 ways to know you live in Hickville

I live in Hickville where Bogans do not hide and Rednecks can only stand in awe. I know this because:

5. Christmas lights are still hanging to the trees in the front garden

4. Everyone over the age of 45 in the town seems to either been at or remember the birth of your significant other.

3. You walk down a random street and run into your second cousin (thru marriage)...for the second time that day.

2. Random strangers assure you that "mary jane" is an excellent name for your future daughter.

1. On your way to meet a friend you see a HORSE standing next to a couple eating alfresco at the town cafe.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

and your HOW old?

As if this wasn't wrong enough...they can show the twins coming out, but they cover her breasts??!

Thanks to Pictures Unrelated for image.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

cause i want to be the gossip of the town!

After more than 6 months of being home during the day, i have found myself occasionally channel surfing in the midday time slot. Inevitably i'll stumble upon Dr. Phil. Some woman will be crying and saying something like "he always lies to me. i don't know why". and Dr. Phil will respond with "Sharon says that she is at a breaking point in her marriage. Let's take a look". Then we get footage of a camera capturing an argument in the couple's home.

My question is, if you are at your wits end and you realise you need to get help or your family is going to fall apart, why the hell do you choose to get help on Dr. Phil. Not only is his advice pretty shallow, it is also there for the whole world to see! your shut-in gossipy neighbour from next door is going to see "ooo! he had an affair on her!"

Why not just go to your local psychologist or counsellor where you are entitled to confidential help that won't be blabbed about to the whole neighbourhood?!

It baffles me too much. I switch off the tv after a few minutes.