Thursday, April 28, 2005


You know, whil i consider myself a strong activist, i must admit that my knowledge is limited to only what i can find in out-of-the-way places, at least most of the time.

On the news the other night, i saw a 10 sec clip on a war in Sudan. If it wasn't for the fact i had heard about it from Amnesty International previously, i would never had known what they were on about.

Here is a brief overview provided by Amnesty International:

In February 2003 a new armed opposition group, the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) took up arms against the government, because of what they perceived as the lack of government protection for their people and the marginalisation and underdevelopment of the region. The support base of this armed group came mainly from the agricultural groups in the region. Shortly afterwards another armed group, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) emerged.

The government of Sudan responded by allowing free rein to Arab militias known as the Janjawid (guns on horseback) who began attacking villages, killing, raping and abducting people, destroying homes and other property, including water sources and looting livestock. At times government troops also attacked villages alongside the Janjawid, and government aircraft have been bombing villages sometimes just before Janjawid attacks, suggesting that these attacks were coordinated. The links between the Sudanese armed forces and the Janjawid are incontrovertible, the Janjawid are now wearing uniforms provided by the army.

With this war on, women and children are bearing the butt of the conflict. With Rape the weapon of choice for this war, the women suffer.

How can the world not be involved? Why don't we pay attention? Could it be that the world sees Sudan and sees little to gain financially by helping?

I have heard it said that Idealism sells. If we can show that with little improvements we're saving the world than we will do it. I'm not sure. Maybe that works for some, but i think most are more interested in the lining on their own purse.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


i've been reading Isaiah lately. It has struck me that all my life i have accepted that all the good stuff was written for me but the bad stuff was written for someone else. I mean, i honestly try to follow God. I try to do his doesn't that automatically make those good verses for me?
Take for example, isaiah 3: 10-11:

10Tell the innocent how fortunate they are, for they shall eat the fruit of their labours. 11Woe to the guilty! How unfortunate they are, for what their hands have done shall be done to them.
I don't consider myself innocent. In fact, i think i'm far from it. Television has robbed me of most of my innocents, curiousity, and stubbornness have taken the rest. So what part does that leave me then? The guilty. I am guilty and the verse clearly states that what i have done to other will be done to me. Thus, it is a warning to me to be careful how i treat others, but not just the others i see.
By buying clothing i know has been made in sweatshops i dirty my hands. I help poeple take advantage of the poor. This will come back on me.
There are lots of verses that talk about the poor. I've often thought of myself as poor...but the truth is, i'm part of the richest 6% of the world. I have more money, education, healthcare, and other benefits than 94% of the world. 63.3% of the world survive on less than $3 AUD a day. This means that there is literally billions and billions of the world that are significantly poorer than i am. Now what on God's green earth would make me believe that i am poor??
It could be the advertisements that are constantly telling me i need more. I could be the mentality of keeping up with the Jone's. It could be television that tells me i'm always poorer than the average family. It could be all of these things. But i am not a subject of the advertisers. i am not a subject of the television. I am a subject of God's and as such i should be looking at life through His eyes and not anyone elses. This reminds me that i have a big responsiblity when it comes to my wealth. My responsiblity is to those who don't have it, to share it responisbly, and not to waist it on things that won't last.
Our life is not our own.