Monday, April 30, 2007

guns guns guns!

The USA is bent on keeping guns in the hands of whomever want them. They are so strong on this belief that they lay down their lives for it (literally). In the space of about two weeks, they have had three gun related public incidents that have resulted deaths. The first was the tragic happenings at a University, it was followed by the strange incident at NASA, and finally today, was the open fire in a shopping mall.

The Christian community have always been adamant that their members must be willing to lay down their lives for personal beliefs. The belief that guns (of pretty much any make and model) are to be available to the average person is a strong belief in America. Almost as much as the belief of a Christian god.

Its has become a disturbing thought that one day these two beliefs could become intertwined.

The belief that guns should not be taken away from the individual is juxtaposed with the tighter laws on freedom of speech, right to assembly, and personal privacy. It seems that America is willing to trade all their rights as long as they get to keep their guns. For some reason the belief in guns to protect the individual far outweighs any fear of them.

am i the only one who feels a bit confused?

Does this make anyone else feel sad?

Although Whaling in the Faroe Island need for has been a standard practice for many many years and it is accepted by the International Whaling Commission, i can't help but feel a bit sad at this picture. The lined up, disembowelment of these creatures makes me wonder about the human's need for symmetry even in death.

Friday, April 27, 2007

more evidence

Remember yesterday when i commented that the world had gone mad? Today more evidence has emerged.

In the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe (sorry to lump them all together but my fingers were beginning to get sore) there is a strange phenomenon called a "Blond". A Blond is not distinguished by hair colour but rather by a state of mind. All the knowledge that is normally stored in the brain has been bleached out (hence blond) and replaced by an unknown substance hereby referred to as 'uh, i don't, like, get it".

These strange people (often females) will walk around with small dogs, small shirts, and legs and wonder aloud why tuna tastes like chicken. It was believed that this phenomenon was only observed in the western style countries, but apparently the problem has spread.

Japanese women (and maybe a few men) have been swindled out of $1600 when they believed they had bought poodles. They had in fact bought sheep. There has been cases of couples taking their 'poodle' to have its nails cut only to find it had no nails only hooves. It was then they became suspicious that they might have accidentally bought a sheep instead of a poodle.

Apparently a sheep is a substitute for style!

p.s. This has been proven to be untrue. A fabrication of the media. Who knew they made this kind of stuff up!! click here for more details.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All box and no chocolate

A friend of mine;s blog made an observation about life being all box but no chocolate. The blog came a few hours after watching an episode of Buffy called, Lie to Me.

At the end of the episode Buffy asks her watcher if life is more simple as you grow up. He asks what she wants him to say and she responds, "lie to me". He responds thus:

Yes. It's terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true. The bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies... and everyone lives happily ever after.

It is a simple truth that life can and will be difficult at times. But i'm afraid that as of yet, i still believe that even if the box does not hold chocolate, it is still a box and there is something of facination inside.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shower Time...(say it like you'd say 'Hammer Time!')

No matter where you live, water is an important resources. We would all find ourselves in an uncomfortable death if we were to suddenly find its absence.

So it is with this in mind that i share some water saving tunes for your shower. These songs are all meant to get your day started with a song and keep your water usage to a minimum. The idea is that you play the song as you get into the shower, and get out when the song finishes. (by the way, these songs were stolen from here)

1. Friday On My Mind: The Easybeats (length 2:47, litres 25)
"This one speaks for itself."

2. Rain: Dragon (length 3:39, litres 33)
"We need more of it."

3. Cigarettes Will Kill You: Ben Lee (length 3:50, litres 35)
"The line 'I wish everyone was wrong' kind of sums up where the climate change debate is at."

4. Roll On: The Living End (length 3:08, litres 28)
"Loud and raucous with a social conscience."

5. To Her Door: Paul Kelly (length 3:18, litres 30)
"A classic from an artist who captures Australia better than most."

6. Success: The Winnie Coopers (length 3:19, litres 30)
"Fantastic home-grown hip-hop."

7. Everyday Formula: Regurgitator (length 2:11, litres 20)
"One of the finest Aussie bands of recent years, and clever songwriters."

8. Don't Panic: Coldplay (length 2:17, litres 21)
"We certainly do live in a beautiful world."

9. Desire: U2 (length 2:59, litres 27)
"Passionate rock from one of the world's great bands."

10. Straight Lines: Silverchair (length 4:18, litres 39)
"This one's just over four minutes, but you can use that time to start brushing your teeth."

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gun control and me

Having grown up in America, I know that the gun control issue is HOT. No one likes the idea of more legislation on gun ownership (they feel that it takes away their freedoms granted in their constitution), yet many people agree that something must be done to prevent the mass deaths of students (which seem to be the main target of late).

There are a few things that make me uneasy about this though.

1.) The general public are willing to fight tooth and nail for their right to own a personal semi-automatic hand gun, but don't find it neccissary to fight as hard for their right of free speach or their right to assemble.

2.) The media cover gun deaths only when they range higher than 3 at a time...and even that is beginning to become less common. If the media (everywhere) were to cover the gun related deaths of every single person from their country, I wonder if we might become a little bit more aware of the power we wield over life.

3. the government seems to back the idea of a 'safer' America with less or no immigrants. Suggesting that the only danger America ever faces is from outside. Maybe they should take down their welcome on the Statue of Liberty then...
("Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.")
The irony is that Americans are developing a reputation outside their country as gun-toting-christian terrorists. The idea that 'all america owns guns' is so prominate, i have many friends who have no wish to ever travel to America for fear they will be shot! "After all", they say, "I'm not white or Christian, they might mistake me for a target".

Friday, April 20, 2007

top 10 things that bug me

10. Television shows that blatantly support the ideology of public fear

9. People who drive 20 K under the speed limit

8. Laundry that piles up

7. False or 'misleading' information

6. Singers who keep putting out trashy songs about nothing

5. general ethos' of death

4. lack of support from your 'supporters'

3The USA university shooting that has law makers favouring tougher action on immigrants rather than gun control.

2. Christian media

1. that i didn't update my blog for two days!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The real News

After a mere 25 years on the planet, i'm sure i've seen a fair amount of heavily biased media. It's so true that the mainstream media that is pumped through our televisions and radios are funded by big business or government that have a vested interested in making sure that the information we hear and see suits their interests. I found out today that there is a website that is starting an independent news site....should be interesting...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The tops from Melbourne Comedy Gala

If you like stand up comedy, the following clips are for you.

Objectifying men

I received a lot of interest in my comments from yesterday. Many emails were sent to me suggesting various ways to objectify men. But one country went beyond mere suggestions and went straight to implementation.

Apparently a new town in China is being constructed that women will rule supreme in. The town motto goes like this:
A woman never makes a mistake, a man must not refuse a woman's request

If that doesn't bring a smile to every woman's face, nothing but town men spanking will.

Monday, April 16, 2007

naughty, naughty, nice

After many years of hiding behind men's perceptions of women, ladies, we've been found out.

Turns out that women are just as likely to ogle men's goodies as men are to ogle women's. In fact they spend about the same amount of time doing it!

It makes me wonder if this will call for a reconsideration of women as the 'object' in art. The study goes a long way in suggesting that men are now beautiful enough to be considered the 'object'. It would only seem fair that art work begin changing to accomodate this. After all, in most places around the world, women out number the men. In addition to this, women are in the work place, making a lot of money. They are now a whole demographic with money and desire. Plus, it might be fun to let the men be the objects for a while.

its a nice day for a white wedding...

It is traditional at wedding to hear the dinging of cutlery on glass, the signal for the couple to kiss. While attending a wedding over the weekend i was quite amused at the brides reaction to the ding. No matter how soft or loud the ding was, she immediately went to her new husband for a kiss. He smuggly asked her if she was going to do that *every* time she heard a ding and she responded "YES!". She then dropped her own fork onto her plate, heard the ding, and went in for another kiss.

Needless to say, i don't think her new husband was even a little bit annoyed by it.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

you know what they say about green m&ms, don't you?

hehehe...turns out you can now play with your M&Ms. Now they melt on your screne but still not in your hand. by clicking here, you'll be transported to a site that allows you to create your own m&m and then take a picture of them or even put them in a movie. its pretty cool. i enjoyed my slacking off for an hour.

Warped Propaganda

I love the old style propaganda posters. they signal an area gone, sometimes lost. What i love more than old propaganda posters is when people have changed them in some way. has a contest going at the moment. The idea of the contest is to make new propaganda posters in the old style. Check it out. (click here)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The store front poster

Originally uploaded by narnia_k.
Today i realised i was truly old. For the first time in my life i saw a store front poster and was aghast! I spent the better part of 15 minutes trying to figure out what the heck the guy was holding. i was hoping it was not his happy little friend in a sock but i couldn't see it as anything else...until i got quite close. (click on the pic to see a close up shot if you can't figure it out either)

so now I'm old...sigh...


Welcome back

After a long weekend i feel refreshed and ready to give you all new and exciting content for the site....or at least pictures. For our first exhibit of the day, here are some pics that hubby and I took at the beach. Check out how hard Hubby tried to fly...its kind of pathetically sweet.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Holiday

So if you're lucky enough to live in Australia, you've probably got a four day weekend to celebrate Easter.

If your unlucky enough to live in a country that doesn't have public holidays during have my pity.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

i blame television

Actually, i don't. I don't know what to blame for the actions of two men when they stabbed a 17 year old boy 133 times and then decapitated him and used his head as a toy.

The story hit front page news today and i must admit to being completely stunned by this. I know some people have a sick sense of humour, as can be seen with the fact that the horror with crime genre have become increasingly popular- but to *actually* carry out something this violent and disgusting leaves me wondering how a person could ever actually commit these horrible acts.

Is it a lack of morals? I think i can safely say this goes far beyond the simple lack of morals. This goes into reveling in the kill. Do they know what they did? they must because they both admitted to knowing.

There seems to be no reason that can fit on this case and make it palatable. It is truly a horrific crime that leaves the listener physically ill.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


In the routine of my daily life, i probably come across these ominous three numbers many many times. I don't go looking for them or anything, but IP addresses and bar codes and telephone numbers are all likely to contain these numbers at some point. I don't actually notice if their put together anymore...unless someone points them out.

Its probably a sign I'm doomed.

But the Russian village of Bogolyubovo(which means "God-loving") are noticing. They have taken a strong stand against 'satanic' symbols. (of which the 666 is one of them) According to, these residents are refusing to get new passports because they are convinced the bar codes on them contain these symbols. some residents have gone so far as to stop collecting their pension for the same reason.

well, good on you Bogolyubovo. "Actions speak loader than press releases", i always say. and I'm sure God is watching and taking notes.

Killing a Toyota

If you're not a Top Gear fan, i'm betting its because you've never seen the show. If you have, your probably familiar with its car show on meth sort of style. Not only will they tell you everything you never wanted to know about a car, they'll also show you what you can and should not do with it. Their latest example of this is using a Toyota pickup.

Toyota claims to make the toughest pickup that money can buy. So these guys put it to the test. In the next three links check out thier attempts to kill this toyota.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

be sure you leave me a comment and tell me your reaction.

Monday, April 02, 2007

too gay?

I recently had a discussion with a single friend of mine. We were talking about the different social groups that were often mistreated. The gay community was at the top of our list. She made a comment that has really stuck with me.

"if your single, you can't talk about gay rights because people with think your gay...even if you're not."

It seems like she's right. Being gay is unacceptable in many circles and can result in dismissal from volunteer leadership positions. It can potentially be a big risk to speak out in favour of gay rights and be thought gay.

In religous communities there is a mixed response to the new society 'acceptability' of gays. Some churches are happy to have gays in their community as long as they remain quiet and don't discuss the issue publicly. Other churches may ask the member to leave until 'cured'. But very few will allow a gay person to take leadership positions in the church. This includes teaching Sabbath (or Sunday) schools, adult worship lessons, or being part of the praise team.

In this sort of context, it is hardly suprising that gays do not feel able to embrace many of the lifestyle teaching of the church. Some, feeling that without their church, their faith is lost, will throw their emotional and physical health to the proverbial wind. Leaving themselves open to painful heartache and or to contract a variety of sexually transmitted diseases.

You can hardly blame me for wondering if this is "what jesus would do". I feel there needs to be more understanding of the gay mindset, more sympathy, and less judgement.

cause and effect

Cause: put a sketch of Tank girl on my site
Effect: hit count went thru the roof

Cause: started a new form of blogging on myspace
Effect: people actually read my myspace blog

Cause: wore socks today
Effect: warm feet

top 5 news stories that make you go "WHAT THE?"

5. Anti-beater flashlights for Police

4 High speed internet now coming through your toilet.

3. Sweet Jesus...i always knew Jesus would have been a chocolate man...i mean, fan.

2. Rove is back on air...and if you believe the commercials he finally got new underwear.

1. tsunami warning for all eastern australian beaches