Friday, July 28, 2006


if i had something fabulous to say, i would post it here

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Life

So its been a month since i last posted. I can't really say that i'm sorry. I've been busy. You see, last Sunday, my life changed completely. I became Mrs. Thiele. The name still sounds strange to my own ears. I wonder if i'll ever get used to it.

For one whole week i've tried to wrap my head around this idea that i am no longer responsible for only myself. I now have a husband to think about. When i make holiday arrangments, i must now take into consideration my husbands schedule. A month ago i would have done it out of courtesy. Today it is required of me. It feels differnt.

Along with many more freedoms, many more responsibilities are being bestowed on us. Medical insurrance is no longer a luxury, it is a neccessity.

Yes, being married is something i am still getting used to. I don't have all the right words, right actions, but i'm loving my practice. I don't expect to ever get it "right". I only expect to grow closer to this wonderful man i married.