Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Christian mockery

If your a Christian and have heard about this documentary, you've probably either laughed it off or been offended. James Cameron and crew have released a documentary that is supposed to air on the Discovery Channel claiming to have found the remains of Jesus and his family (wife and son). Christian groups all over America are claiming this is an attack on Christianity.

And yet again, i'm left on the wrong side of the wall, shaking my head at these strange Christians. If the Discovery Channel had done a documentary on the obsurdity of Allah, Christian groups would have said nothing. They might even have defended the airing of the program, saying that it was one perspective and that people should be allowed to see all different sides of the issue.

I'm left asking, why are Christians so afraid of a documentary? If you are unable to allow the airing of critizim of your views, it makes your stance look weak. It looks like if anyone starts to look at your religion at all it will crumble. That shouldn't be the case!

Furthermore, if you're trying keep this from getting noticed, COMPLAINING ABOUT IT DOESN'T HELP! The more you complain, the more people are going to watch. Exactly what do you want to come out of this?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

to my long lost friend

Dearest long lost friend

I try to call you. You try to call me. Neither one of us answers the phone. i secretly avoid you, you secretly avoid me...le sigh....i miss you

Monday, February 26, 2007

don't cha hate it...

Don't you hate it when you choose the one bad seat in the whole auditorium?

Don't you hate it when you just don't quite fit in?

Don't you hate it when you aren't quite dressed for the occasion?

see more here


My respect for Craig Ferguson has just doubled. Any man who is aware of free speach and chooses to censor himself in order to be at peace with his own conscience is a very amazing man.

If your unable to watch this 12 minute video here is the summary: (but if you can, please do because it is really an amazing sort of video)

Craige speaks about his decision not to publicly make fun of Britney Spears or any other person who is in need of help. While he acknowledges that it may be humourous from a distance, he reminds us that we are watching real people hurting. He relatest the story of his own battle with alcoholism and the embarassment he felt. He has now been sober for 15 years and feels that in order to sleep properly at night, he to censor himself.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Cinderella, the skanky hoe

It has long been assumed that the prince chose Cinderella because he could sense her true beauty. He hunted far and wide to find this one person he connected with spiritually.

The truth is much more interesting. In fact, dear Cinderella was not a naturally beauty. In new photos that have just been released today, we find that Cinderella was in fact, completely shaved...and a bit of a skank. Apparently it was not her beautiful personally that won the prince over, it fact due to her excellent sex techniques.

It is still uncertain whether this photo was taken during Royal romance, in which case charges could be laid against her for cheating on a Royal. Or whether this happened after the divorce that as inevitable for all celebrity romances.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Celebrity confusion

I must admit to be a little shocked over how much attention some celebrities get. Anna Nicole Smith never made a blockbuster movie or sold a million CDs yet, even before her death the press enjoyed chasing her down the road. (probably to watch her chest bounce) Now that she has passed away, the press still won't leave her alone! While she was alive the girl was defined by her body, now that she is dead, it's her body that still won't stay out of the news! (i think the media need to get some therapy!)

Britney Spears who hasn't released an album in quite some time is on the news every night. Her strange antics seems to be screaming for press coverage all the while she's telling people "DON'T TOUCH ME!".

Finally we have Paris Hilton who...I'm not actually sure why she became famous...maybe daddy tipped off the press that his baby girl wanted to become internationally stalked. we've got princess Paris who, despite her seemingly stupid nature, is a business shark.

So these people who do nothing except flaunt their bodies (in Anna's case it was only while living) can get constant press coverage while celebrities who are actually making movies and television seem to be left alone...i really hope this is a reflection on the media and not our culture.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Its me...except prettier

Look what i can do!

Challenging authority

In recent news I've been relieved that the US has had their wrist slapped by the Italian Judge who indited 26 American in kidnapping charges. This is not to say that i want the US to fail miserably in their war against a concept, but it is time the international community started taking care of their citizens...and It is nice to know, every now and again, that the USA does have to answer for its actions.

It is discouraging however that the inmates in Gitmo have had more rights taken away from them. It seems that with the more international pressure there is for those inmates to be tried, the less rights they are given and the more their trials are delayed. What does this signal for the morality of the governments who allowed their citizens to be taken? What about the governments who keep other's citizens locked up without trial?

Every country would like to believe that they are doing the right thing. Every citizen likes to believe the best of the country in which they live. Yet fear is creeping in. No one speaks out without fear of what will happen to them. There is no more moral superiority. My fear is that by the end of this war everyone will have blood on their hands.

Little fighter

I am not one to be awed by newborns. This one was amazing, though. She was born 22 weeks premature in October 2006 and she survived. this is the first known case! Talk about a little fighter! anyway, if you want to read the article, check it out here.

Monday, February 19, 2007

ssshhhh, its a surprise

Okay, after threatening to do this for some time, i did it. My husband's computer has a background that is boring...mostly cause it's been up for so long. So i changed it to an artisitic photo of myself. it didn't quite fit, so it looked funny. It bugged him really bad. So he changed it to a space-y thing. It hurts my eyes. So today i changed it again. This time i made sure it fitted properly on the screen....

its a very naughty photo...hehehee


Are you familiar with demotivators? If not they are rip off of posters you've probably seen before that encourage you to be all you can be and to look at life positively. Demotivators show you the reality, or the percieved reality of life.

Worth1000 just had a contest for demotivators. If you're feeling a bit too chipper, have a look here.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Humour & me

I was reading an article by Simon Pegg. He suggested that the difference between British humour and American humour is in the way they approach irony and emotion. The brits take a little emotion with a lot of irony, while the Americans prefer it served with a lot of emotion and a side order of irony.

I thought the article was humourous and insightful. Now i want to see Shaun of the Dead all over again!


By now, you've probably seen the pics of poor britney spears with no hair. I just had to say that i'm so glad she is participating in Australia's own, Shave for a Cure. it is such a noble thing. I mean, the world believes she has gone crazy, but in reality she's working to rid the world from cancer. Good on you, Brit!

p.s. this has been a work of fiction, by yours truely.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The huntsman spider incident

This was crawling on my hallway ceiling yesterday night. Due to a bad back, i had been bedridden for most of the day. Although, when hubby found the spider, he immediately called for me to get up on a latter and kill it. (he kills the cockroaches, i kill the spiders. our marriage continues in peace and harmony)

Being the loving and dutiful wife that i am, i climbed up the ladder, took a shoe and tried to hit it. It dodged. (very successfully) i fell backwards. Hubby caught me, and i tried again. this time i chased it down the wall and finally ended its peaceful existence with a strong smack to its back.

RIP big scary spider.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Growing up my family was very pro-active. If there was something in the family that wasn't working, even the children could speak up and change things. In my elementary school and high school it was the same. i could always change things that i felt were wrong.

I am now living in the 'real' world. Changing things that i feel are wrong is so much harder. i hate the war. i hate that there is so much death and in so many ways i feel that the majority is directly the responsibility of the USA. Yet i can not change things.

There is a bumper sticker that i always see when i go visit my family, "if you don't like what we do, leave". So i left. but it doesn't change anything except now, i have a harder time voting.

I truly feel helpless when i see the state our world is in. From corporate rape of the environment to personal apathy of what happens to other, i some times wonder what will be left for the generation after ours.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life lesson

They say that you can learn something new every day. Today i paid attention to my life lesson and this is it. ready?

If you leave jeans on the line during a rain storm and take them off when they are dry (the following day) they are as stiff as cardboard....and just about as comfortable.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The book

Almost two years ago now, my lovely sister made a book of her exploits for me. It was a tastefully done book that showed her snogging all the eligible men on our university campus. She gave the book to me as a reminder not to let her near eligible men ever EVER again.

Unfortunately i was in the middle of a move and somewhere along the way, it was lost. That is, until last weekend when my sister-in-law found it. She rescued it from my grandmother who thought it was one of her daughter's belongings. So now it is safe and sound and adorning our living room as a reminder to all our guests not to leave photographic evidence of snogging my sister!

a plan

I had serious plans for today. After almost three weeks of avoiding most of the laundry, i decided i'd finish it all off today. All bedding, towels, handtowels and clothing would be washed today. I started sensibly with the jeans, because those get worn the most and are in the most need of a clean. They were washed as the sun came up and hung out to dry and hour later. About 20 minutes later this happened:

Its time again for the Video of the day!

Okay, so i've fallen in love with a musical artist. Not in a sexual kind of way, but in the kind of creepy way people fall in love with songs and then the people who perform them. My newest interest is Lily Allen. You probably heard her song Smile, which talks about getting through a break up and then laughing at the buggar when he tries to get back with you(click the link to watch the video if you can!). So far, i've yet to hear a song i don't like from her. (this is unusual for me because i always hate everything first...then eventually i'll like em, if they pay me)

So today, for your viewing pleasure, i present Lily Allen

Thursday, February 08, 2007

i made u cookies!

image thanks to

dumbing it down

A question was asked of the museum in Britain that is featuring Kylie's clothing line. The question was whether or not the museum was 'dumbing down' its content to appeal to a wider public.

In the United States a New York senator is preparing legislation that would ban all electronic devices on cross walks. He has no statistics to back up his claims, but he says that it is becoming a serious problem, people listening to ipods and not paying attention to the big bus heading your way. So to combat the stupid people killing themselves by bus, he's decided to ban things that take your attention away from where your going.

I'm hoping he next bans stress and bad news next.

and that's all for your dumbing it down news for now.

the web

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flushed Away

Flushed Away is a great comedy film. For those of you who might enjoy a bit of Brit humour, this is awesome! If you don't believe me, check out the dancing mean slugs from the film!

The Cell Block Tango

I recently bought the chicago soundtrack. Yet again, i fell in love with the Cell Block Tango...


After a full day of bed rest, i'm doing better. The only bad part about it is that i spent a full day in bed with only Rest to keep me company.

i did manage to find out (again) that i have a fabulous husband. He waited on me hand and foot for a whole two days! He was great. i'm thinking of being ill for another three or four days.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

damn book

In the space that it took me to turn 25, i've become old. I blame it predominately on a certain book that my sisters gave me. It didn't give me wrinkles or flabby skin, it did give me a horrible back problem!

For the past two days i've hardly been able to bend forward! DAMN THAT BOOK!

Monday, February 05, 2007

sisters seperated at birth?

The Mystery

When my husband asked me what i wanted for my birthday i replied, "a surprise". (My husband does some of the best surprises but he doesn't do them often because he doesn't enjoy them himself. ) One of the things i like the most about surprises is trying to figure out what they are. Its part of the fun. So the game began last Wednesday.

i didn't know what he had planned but my first clue came when his sister called him and he left the room to talk to her. He never does that! I surmised that she must be in on the whole thing...whatever it was. If she was in on it, there would be lots of people involved. (its just the sort of thing she does. everyone gets involved if she can help it)

Next clue came when a friend called and my husband spoke with him using only one word answers. I figured he was in on it too. This friend loves to through parties. He goes all out on the decorations and things.

Since my birthday was on Sunday. i guessed I'd be getting a birthday party on that day. The last part of the mystery was that i didn't know where it was going to be held. As Hubby started cleaning the house Sunday morning, though, i got a pretty good clue. He covered it well by saying that it was my birthday present. It at least had me second guessing where the party would be held. Later he wanted to go for a driving lesson. (I'm the primary diver in the family. Hubby is still working on getting used to the clutch) As we got ready to leave i walked around the house and locked every single door. I thought, if Hubby unlocked one of them, I'd know that the party was at our house. Sure enough, he unlocked on of the doors.

We drove around for a bit, went shopping and then came back home. I looked up and down the street for cars. No cars. damn! no one came to the party! Hubby's phone began to ring in his pocket. we waited until the car stopped before seeing who it was. it was his sister. He rang her back and i could hear the phone ring in the house.

as i opened the door, i was shocked by how many people had turned up! the house was decorated beautifully with balloons everywhere. it was a fab birthday surprise!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Recently i published a blog entry on headlines from 2006. Here is the headline i found today:

Richard Branson Launches Virgin Stem Cell Bank

If the name Richard Branson isn't immediately clear to you (like it was to me at 7 am on a saturday morning) you might wonder what kind of a pervert only wants stem cells from a virgin. if you read the first couple of lines of the article, you'll quickly connect Branson with Virgin Airlines, but what you may not be able to connect is why Branson is opening a stem cell bank!

Branson is known for his business ventures and names of said ventures. It has been rumoured that he named his airline Virgin because it was illegial to call your airline, "Free Fuck". From his international airlines to his attempts to be the transporter of tourists to the moon Branson is likely to blow your mind. Yet i still failed to invision him opening a Stem Cell Bank.

Well Branson, good on you for being willing to step out where most governments tremble.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

make the world a different place

If you live in Australia you have a unique opportunity. Vodafone is offering the chance to work for a charity of your choice and collect a salary. Your position will last for one year, but you have to win this opportunity.

See Vodafone for more details.

The worst part of married life

you know what the worst part about being married is? you can't talk about the sex with your friends. If your married, its assumed you aren't having any. If children should suddenly appear it is the direct intervention of a stork.

When your single, you can talk about sex and any jokes associated with it while still allowing the friends put a mental barrier between your story and envisioning you and your partner doing the deed.

Being married means that if you tell any sort of bedroom story to a friend, they immediately get a clear as bell picture of you and your partner. Then for weeks on end they can not look you or your spouse in the face. What was, as a single, humourous chatting becomes an embarrassing exposure. Suddenly there is this wall between all friends and that topic.

I suppose that if that is the worse part of married life, i could stand a little more.