Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the morning blessing

Every day my husband gives me the same blessing. He kisses me on the forehead and says, "be safe, be happy". At first i thought this was a flippant goodbye as he walked out the door to face the day, but as i've gotten to know him better, i've come to realise it is his heart's desire for my day.

Today my daughter was teething and had a very bad day. Most of my day was spent trying to keep her distracted from the discomfort she was feeling. As i felt my cheery mood begin to slip away i remembered my husband's words "be happy". If anyone else had told me that i possibly would have hit them. I tried to think of today from my daughter's perspective. I remembered when my mother would distract me from my life's discomfort. It wasn't easy for her, but so many times it made my day better. Clinging to the thought that i could make my daughter's day a little better by being happy, i clung on a little tighter.

But nine hours of alone time with a child who isn't feeling well doesn't make the day easy. I found myself using lazy lifting techniques. It is a sure fire way to throw out my back. If i can't lift my baby, i'm in big trouble. I reminded myself i must be safer and did a few stretches to help rectify some of the damage i'd begun.

Isn't it funny how the last words spoken as a spouse leaves the house linger? Especially words or phrases that come from the heart. So it is my desire for you, my friend, to pass the blessing on Be safe. Be happy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010