Sunday, December 13, 2009

Australian xmas song

over-crowded commercialism and smiles

The Christmas season is upon us once again...and depending on how often you shop, you may feel this announcement is much belated (since most of the shops announced it in October). Yet much like every year, i find it difficult to really through myself into Christmas before December.

Every year, i comment on how different Christmas in Australia is to the Christmas i grew up with. This year i find myself enjoying the similarities.

My favourite similarity is the packed shopping centres. Now i am not a fan of over crowded commercialism, i am a fan of getting reactions from people. The easiest time to do this is Christmas season. There is the stress of finding presents for all your family and friends AND the office bitch who you would rather not buy a present for, but her stupid secret Santa HAD to be you this year. So as people try to navigate past the crowds to find that gift for so and so, i often see a somber facial tone. Yet it only takes a grin from a pregnant lady to reset the face to friendly. Like no other time of year, do you find people more willing to smile back at you. It is really kind of cool.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A beautiful lights display featuring the music of Trans Siberian Orchestra.