Monday, September 29, 2008


hehehe! i love this

To the bunyas

Avondale College is mourning the loss of two old great trees today. At 8:30am the first Bunya Pine tree, closest to Bethal Hall was felled. About ten minutes later, the sister tree, standing guard over the other side of the footpath also fell to the ground. These two giants have stood guard over the college for nearly 100 years, but today, due to white ants and fear for the student's safety, they came crashing down.

While the day was a sombre one for many of the staff who have come to recognise the tree with Avondale, many have taken comfort in the fact that these two trees have had their offspring replanted in more appropriate locations.

One of the lecturers put it this way, " I hope the Songs of Bunya survive and flourish: by the time they have attained their full majesty we all will have passed through the escape hatch"

The smell of freshly cut timber is expected to hang in the air for the rest of the day. It will remind us of the joy that the trees brought to us and we will be thankful for the moments of quiet reflection they inspired in us.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

us politics

Today i read in Sydney Morning Herald that McCain has chosen to forgo the debate on Friday in order to return to Washington to help pass legislation "that will stabilise our financial markets, protect taxpayers and homeowners and earn the confidence of the American people"

While i do agree he needs to spend some time doing whatever he can to help out the American people,I feel he's not picked his timing well. I would greatly like to hear a debate between Obama and McCain about the economy, the war, education, and many other things...but when is this going to happen??

Legislation can be passed without Obama or McCain. In all likely hood it would be anyway. I think they owe it to the people to start debating publicly about how they are going to lead. We deserve a leader who is willing to talk to his people about the direction he is going. We've already had an establishment of "follow me cause i said so". I'm looking for someone who is going to tell me where we are going before he drags me down an unfortunate path.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

free speech and bad press

In Queensland a man (Ron Owen) has been ordered to pay compensation to three members of his community and issue an apology in the paper after he offended much of his town with his anti-homosexual bumper sticker, along with comments he made publicly.

read the full story here.

The judge was quoted as saying, "Ron Owen is entitled to be a homophobe and he is entitled to publicly express his homophobic views," he said. "That much is required in a society that values freedom of thought and expression. However, there are limits."

While the car was not registered to Ron Owen he had access to the vehicle and is being held accountable for the bumper sticker. He is also being held accountable for his words he spoke in a council meeting (which there is no record of) when the issue of the bumper sticker came up in the meeting."If a person chooses to follow non-human acts, if they break the law, they lose their human rights."

I have no love of this man's views but it seems that the reporting of this story is lacking some some facts. Either that or the local law is more swayed by public opinion than fact.

If he did not own the vehicle are they certain that the bumper sticker was applied by him? are they expressing his views? If the court heard evidence of this, than the news report should express this!

If the quote he said in council was not recorded, were there witnesses that corroborate this story? If so, why aren't they mentioned in the article! This is either a shoddy piece of writing or a shoddy piece of law. It is sad that i can't tell which.

Monday, September 22, 2008


For years warriors have painted their faces before they headed into battle. The paint was often meant to scare the enemy. Some times it was meant to bless the wearer and give them strength, courage, or whatever as they faced their foe.

In modern times this tradition has continued. Women are the warriors of the 21 century. Each morning (if we have time) we paint our faces to lure the outside world into thinking they have nothing to fear from us because we are "pretty". Only we know the truth. Our striking painted features are our call to war, our call for strength from the feminine god, our right of passage into the brave new world.

The paint gives us the ability to enter the work place warfare. It gives us the power to play on 'their' field. Our darken eyes hide our cunning. Our red and pink lips coat our potency in our smile. We are the warriors the world should fear.

As each daughter asks her mother why she wears make up, the answer rings down the ages, "because we are too powerful to be seen without it".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Remember when....

I am certain this story is going to be used in many different religious magazines. Give it 3 years and the story will be, "God kept the lion's mouth shut while we all huddled against a hurricane". I can feel an Uncle Arthur's story just building up.

the music

The following is the lyrics on one of the songs from Dr. Horrible. If you haven't yet seen it, click here. You'll like it...or at least most of it.

So They Say

Music by Jed Whedon and Joss Whedon
Lyrics by Joss Whedon
Performed by Robert Reinis, Zack Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Stacy Shirk, Steve Berg, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, David Fury, Marti Noxon, and Neil Patrick Harris

So they say Captain Hammer’s become a crusader
Political – He’s cleaning up the streets

About time

So they say that it’s real love

So romantic

He signed this

So they say we’ll have blankets and beds
We can open by Monday
Thanks to you

Thanks to me

It’s the perfect story

So they say

A hero leading the way

Hammer’s call to glory

Let’s all be our best

Next up – Who’s gay?

So they say he saved her life

They say she works with the homeless
And doesn’t eat meat

We have a problem with her

This is his hair

This is so nice
Just might sleep with the same girl twice
They say it’s better the second time
They say you get to do the weird stuff

We do the weird stuff

This is perfect for me
So they say
I guess it’s pretty okay
After years of stormy
Sailing have I finally found the bay

PENNY(overlap with Horrible below)
There’s no happy ending
So they say
Should I stop pretending
Or is this a brand new day

There’s no happy ending
So they say
Not for me anyway
Stop pretending
Take the chance to build a brand new day

This is his dry cleaning bill

Four sweater vests

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Becky

With the greatest love and care, Happy Birthday Becky! (ya, lazy blogger!)

the music and me

i love listening to good music. I enjoy hearing my favourite songs. and this brings me to the commercialisation of music.

I'm not saying that music isn't commercial in it's own right, but Idol really pushes music into the blatantly-painful category. Using desperate wanna-be's they sing songs (slightly out of time or off key) dragging you to hold out for someone who might stand out above the crowd. As they hype the next person, they pull the audience through a slew of commercials for various products.

"This will make you famous."

"this will make you rich"

"this will make you beautiful"

Last night i could take it no more. I turned off the television and turned on True Blood. (OOO! Vampire show!) A new show that appears, from its first episode, to be a thinly veiled show about modern racism. I liked it much better than Idol...although the sex scenes in Idol are slightly less graphic. So take the pay off as you will. Grotesque consumerism, or grotesque sex. (Why is this so often the choice?) Will someone please make me a show that i won't feel awkward watching with a group of friends?

ooo! EUREKA!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my bid for universal healthcare

Universal healthcare is an issue that is hotly debated in the USA. Michael Moore's film "Sicko" highlighted how common it was to have a disease and not be able to afford the medication. It's a harsh reality. Medicine costs a lot of money.

The most common argument against Universal Healthcare is that it will cost so much in taxes and it will be over used. It will result in long waiting lists and people with life threatening illnesses will die waiting for treatment.

I live in a system where healthcare is "universal". I also live in a system that has health insurance. The idea of the system is this: people who can afford to have health care coverage do and those who can't allow the government to pay for it. You might at first think that the people at the bottom get all the benefits, while those at the top pay for them, but it isn't entirely the case. Those with insurance are admitted into private hospitals or clinics that have a much shorter waiting list. Those who have the free benefits have a much longer waiting list. Their position on that list is entirely related to how desperate their need is. If they have a life threatening condition, they are bumped to the front of the queue. If it is painful but not life threatening, they may have a while to wait unless they have private healthcare.

For those who have insurance the benefits are not simply that they have a shorter waiting period, but that their health providers are encouraged to pay. If the insurance companies don't pay for things, their customers would likely drop health cover and go back to the government supported system. The government doesn't want this to happen because it is already a crowded system. Plus, the insurance companies don't want to lose clients. All this leads to insurance companies paying for what they advertise they will pay for.

While our government supported healthcare is still overcrowded, I feel that this is the most socially conscious system I've seen. It supports those who by a variety of means can not support themselves, and still rewards and encourages those who can. I sincerely hope that this becomes part of the American way of life in the future.

Monday, September 08, 2008


The following are two commercials for Old Spice. I find both of them worth watching...completely for the humour. Please note: i do not endorse this produce.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

making award shows entertaining

Its no fun to have an award ceremony go to plan. Its much more fun to get someone drunk and let them start something that just can't quite be stopped.

click here to see what the hell i'm on about.

what's wrong with his picture?

John McCain is shaking the hand of Levi Johnston. (Levi Johnston is the boyfriend of McCain's running mate's daughter) But this picture just seems a bit funny. Sort of like McCain is saying "Way to go on impregnating the girl! You must be a strong lad. I'm very impressed with you."

Meanwhile the girlfriend looks on. She's thinking "God! i have to hold this smile so the press don't realise how annoying it is that McCain is feeling up my boyfriend, just like he does with my mum!"

And poor Levi is just a deer in the headlights.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

out of my mind

I think i'm suffering from writers block. Although the very act of writing this almost proves that i am wrong. Perhaps my block is merely a creative block? It keeps me from tapping into the energies that produce content to which you desire to read. That is surely the issue.

As i skim my brain for something to say, all i hear is a strange buzzing sound. I think it might be static. Like when you turn the channel on the television to a station that isn't broadcasting. But at least i've avoided getting the blue screen of death when i attempt to start the creative juice flowing.

i keep reading in the news about the teen daughter of the republican senator who is pregnant. Kudos for the parents for not forcing their daughter into hiding...and possibly a nunnery. Shame for pulling the daughter, boyfriend, and unborn grandchild into the political circus that is the US elections.

I heard that Switzerland is tightening up their laws for animal cruelty. Apparently you now must treat your animals like humans would want to be treated. I suppose that cuts down on the horrible things people do to animals. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to take into account that there are some things people would never do but animals love to. Pigs, for example really like mud baths...but soon, they will also (by law) enjoy regular showers. I'm not sure what "regular" means...daily? or maybe just once a year...does the pig get to request how regular they are?

well, there goes all my interesting notes for the day. stay tuned for something else completely random.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the white issue

Imagine that your church decided that people could get special blessings and healing from the marrow of your bones. Imagine your pastor began suggesting that your marrow be extracted so he could bless other parishioners. How would you react? Would you escape? Where would you go?

This is the dilemma of the albino community in Tanzania. Their skin, bones, and hair are being lauded as ingredients to "get rich quick" potions. In a country where food in ever increasing in price, potions are becoming more and more profitable. This means there is an unspoken bounty on the albino community. Their very lives are in danger as hits are taken out, some times by witch doctors themselves, to get the "magical elements" of their body.

In April the President Kilkwete appointed his first albino Member of Parliament, Al-Shymaa Kway-Geer. She said, "I didn’t expect it. I think the President chose me because he believed in me. I’m a very hard-working woman." She hopes to use her position to help educate the public about albinism and end the discrimination.

To read more about this issue, click here.