Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What local internet addict is spending too much time worrying about the Jolie family?

It amazes me the rubbish papers publish, receives attention from the public. How does a picture of a couch count as news? when you claim that Brad Pitt has been spending his nights there. GAH! that isn't news! that is lazy publishing!

I think the reason that certain celebrities continue to be in the lime light week after week is because readers want to see 'what happens next' in their story. We all know the Jolie-Pitt story, but we want to see what happens next. How does the fabulously wealthy, ultra good looking, with beautiful children manage to screw up? We want to know! cause they can't have all that and not be secretly sucky at SOMETHING! and we, the public, have to know.

Maybe we'd leave them alone if they'd just open the door to their villa and tell us what it was. "we are rubbish at putting away our shoes" said Angelina.

Then again, we probably would only be more desperate for something more exciting in the sucky department.

The thing is...i managed to avoid the magazines full of almost clothed celebrities. I manage to pass on the blatant gossip sites, such as page6 and Perez Hilton...yet i get stuck on the entertainment/social section of the news sites. damn...sucked in again! How does that happen? i don't usually find myself attracted to the ho hum life of overpaid, under clothed actors...i think it's the tag lines. It must be the tag lines that suck me in.

"Which star watched as their stunt double got into an awkward position?"

clicking link in 3..2..1

Sigh...i'm such a sucker.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

have i talked about this yet?

This song just lifts my mood so much. LOVE IT!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

working girl

It was with great excitement that i have begun work at an animal shelter. I have been working with cats whose owners have passed away and left them to the shelter for care. These animals will not be destroyed but will live out the rest of their days without a home populated with other people. These cats live a privalaged life that includes their own room, a garden, and a personal tv. While they have everything they need to keep them going physically, there isn't a lot of people time. I have found it to be a great joy to spend time grooming, cleaning, and caring for these cats.

^This is Chantra. One of my favourite cats. She's beautiful and so sweet. she follows me EVERYWHERE!

^This is Chantra's brother. He doesn't appear as nice but it turns out he is a sweetheart as well. He just doesn't always know how to show it as well. (BTW: both these two cats are available for foster homing, but not for adoption. contact me if your interested in being their mummy or daddy for a while)

^These are parts of two cats that could be Bob's brothers.

^This is the 10 month old kitten that gave birth to a litter of 4 a couple months ago. She's had it rough. She's currently learning how to trust people again so she can be adopted to a loving home.

^Its me and my snuggle bumpkins!...she's so happy to be in the photo as you can see.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A lesson in stereostypes

One my first day at my new job, i left my dear little ones locked together in the laundry room. I made sure they would be as comfortable as possible. I created a bed for the cat at the top of some milk crates so he could get away from the dog if he so needed. I brought the dog's super comfy bed into the room and set it facing the door, knowing that would be the best place for her to wait for me. I gave them each a kiss goodbye and went to work.

When i returned home, they informed me that callous stereotypes of cats and dogs are wrong. Those stereotypes don't fit all situations and all circumstances. They were very eloquent.


Friday, March 06, 2009

party time

We have been invited to a formal party in Sydney over the weekend. We had to take Faith because she is still too young to be left at home for that long by herself. So in keeping with the theme of "Formal", I made Faith a party dress.

And she looks so cute in her little dress!