Monday, August 23, 2004

A name!! I need a name. I've been working on creating a website for The Voice which will feature much of the publications that we do. Sadly, I've been unable to come up with a good/decent domain name for our dear student publication. "thevoice" is taken. "theavondalevoice" sounds boring and long! I need ideas and QUICK!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Today is another day in the life of a desperately over-worked girl. I have now obtained 3 part-time jobs on campus. I still have one job in Sydney part time so this means that I'm working 4 JOBS! Somehow this is wrong, I mean really, desperately wrong!

In other more exciting news, Becky is settling in well. She is getting used to the language but still occasionally has a blank look on her face until I or Chris translated into American.

One more note: I would just like to thank everyone who has called me a skank in the last few days. I love you all so much. [please note the sarcastic tone]

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The sister made it into port safe and sound...Then she met my friends....

Becky seems to be settling in as well as she can with an older sister who is insane and living across the hall from her. She is coping with the lingo as well as most people do on their first day. In other words she is nodding her head and smiling but not really understanding what Taylor and Casey are saying at all.

Last night was the big get-to-know-the-new-Americans night. We ate damper and drank Milo. It was heaps of fun but I suspect that Becky was only thinking of her bed. Jet lag can be nasty.

Well, I'm off to go help the dear girl assimilate into the Aussie culture!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Today is just not my day. My day started at 4 this morning. I woke up, dressed, and made my bed. At 4:20 I headed out to the roundabout in order to meet the bus that was driving down to pick up my sister from the airport. I had been informed the previous working day that the driver would pick me up at 4:30, so I thought I had plenty of time. This information, I found out 45 minutes later, was wrong. Turns out that the driver left well before I got there and I sat in the FREEZING cold waiting for nothing. That annoyed me, A LOT!

So now, she is arriving in less then an hour and I won't be there to welcome her in! I'm very disappointed. What do I do with my self for the next three hours?? Can I sleep? Probably not. Could I watch a movie? Possibly, but I won't concentrate on it. The truth is I wanted to be the big sister who picks her little sis up from the airport and now, well, I get to be the big dope who missed the bus.

Friday, August 06, 2004

They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but I disagree. For the last week or so I've been the only Dean on Duty in Ella. Have I abused my powers? Not really. Sure I unlocked a bathroom door that was supposed to stay locked, and sure I used a kitchen that wasn't supposed to be in use, but I cleaned up my mess. I didn't unlock the front doors to the few men in the Men's dormitory and I didn't start selling tickets to those mysterious rooms in Ella, (also known to females as, bedrooms). I've been a good girl, I have. Except for that one incident, everything was fine.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I did finally make it thru to one parental unit.[insert pic of the weekly parental fix]Sigh, that was nice.

Now that i've made contact with mum, i can now get ready for my sister's arrival. I've started decorating her room (sshhhh, don't tell her). I actually need to take some pictures of it before she gets here and post them somewhere...i'll figure out where and how later...anyway, Then i need to take photos of when she sees the room! HEHEHEHE! I've put special effert into making the"friendly". She'll either love it or hate it...i'm hoping for hate because i don't particularly want to see some of the stuff i've put in there every time i visit her room. (that should probably give you a decient guess at how bad it is)

ooo! i think my laundry's done! got to go everyone. We'll speak again next time on, THE WIERD AND BIZARRE !