Monday, October 25, 2004

Check this out

I've been involved as co-editor for the Avondale College student publication, The Voice (as some of you may know). This week is the last week we're accepting votes for the entries of our, Finding Your Voice Competition. Normally, we would keep voting to the student body, but most of the student-body seems ambivalent to the competition. So I'm opening it up to everyone. Check out the site, vote and leave comments or suggestions to these up and coming writers. All of these writers would really like some feedback on style, content, and general overall impressions. Thanks for your help!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Bigger Picture?

I have never considered myself particularly socially minded. In fact, I would say that most of the time, I am happily unaware of the abuses to developing countries that happen because of western politics and industry. Lately, this has started to change. I'm beginning to see that there is a connection between my faith and need for social ethics. I can no longer sit back and be merely shocked by what is happening. I demand that my senses be raw and I feel the pain of others. My affluent lifestyle should not numb me to basic human empathy

Friday, October 15, 2004


Maybe i'm harping on the is perfectly possible. I mean, i've only mentioned it twice on the tagboard, and half a million times to people on the phone. But i thought i might try one or two more ploys to get people check out the pictures i have finally posted on the msn photo album. The first ploy would be this entry, the second ploy is going to be a mass email to everyone i know telling them to LOOK AT MY PICTURES, DAMN IT!

Maybe you all have already looked at my pictures...perfectly possible that you clicked on the link, saw the pictures and moved on. But no one has left a comment saying, "i saw the pictures and i really liked the one with you and the thumb." I have heard nothing...from anyone, not even my own family! Sigh....that is okay...i know that you all are just very busy people and just don't have time to look at my pictures....[sniff sniff] its okay, i'm not hurt at all.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Look everyone! the new batman suite comes without nipples!!!

(if the image doesn't turn up, click here)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

The trip to Queensland

Day 1: Plane arrived at 10 pm. No public transport to our hotel. We hired a car and drove the 2 hours up to our hotel...whereupon the night manager slept through our attempts to ring him. We slept in the car until 6 am.

Day 2: Got up and rang the night manager again. He answered the phone and i said, "we've been here since one and since you didn't answer the phone we slept in the car." His reply: "Oh SHIT!" He let us in, we went up to our rooms and slept...for an hour. Started moving properly at noon. Had food, and started our 1.5 hour trip to Brisbane to return rental car. Returned rental and took public transport took us 5.5 hours to get back. [side note: Waiting for Queensland public transport to come is like giving a eunuch a blowjob.] we finally get back to our hotel at 8:30 in the evening. We go to bed.

Day 3: We are tired of traveling. We sleep, watch TV, and read, all day long. Becky leaves the hotel room once to pick up the chocolates left for us by the night manager. Other then that, we don't leave.

Day 4: Swimming and beach walks are on the agenda. We find out that there is a slippery slide in the pool of our hotel. I find out that Becky is scared of slippery slides. hehehehe

Day 5: We decide public transport was created by the mentally deranged and we hire a car for the day. We go to Movie World. Heaps of fun. We ride rolercoasters, watch street shows, and check out Warner Bro.'s set for various movies. On the way back to our hotel, we get sidetracked and end up going through Brisbane in the middle of rush-hour traffic. We get back to our hotel at 8. Almost immediately i go to bed.

Day 6: Travel all the way back to Brisbane with the night manager who forgot to wake up on our arrival. He dropped us at the trainstation and we ride the train all the way to airport. We wait for the plane. Get on the plane. Land, get off, rush to meet a train. Becky gets off at Horsby and goes to work. I change trains and come all the way back to college.

The end....