Monday, September 14, 2009


Been researching our trip to New Zealand. I'm quite excited about it. I've never been. We've got lots to see. Hubby is taking me on a whirlwind tour of places he grew up and things he fondly remembers. So it is my job to find the house we'll stay in over christmas. So far, lots of luck finding fabulous places that are all booked out. Perhaps i'll have to rely on my charm to help us find a place....then again, my charm rarely works on anyone besides Hubby. perhaps an alternative plan is in order.


jenne said...

ooohh.... im so jealous. that mountain must be somewhere on the south island? are you traveling around, or staying in the same spot each night?

i can recommend a decent hostel if youre spending any time in auckland :)

cant wait to see pics!

Melody said...

Where are you looking for accommodation exactly?

If you're anywhere near Waitomo - we stayed here when we were there, it was awesome!

Woodlyn Park

There are a few other good places too, but I can't think of them right now.

kris said...

we are wanting to stay in the taranaki area. (north island, near where mount Egmont is) I'm looking for accommodation that can hold 4-6 people for the week over christmas...the rest of the time we'll just be travelling around...a few days here, a few days there...