Friday, January 15, 2010

hate world

It is no surprise to those who know me that i am often offended and frustrated by those claiming to be from the right wing (emphasis on *right*). I cringe when some talk about how "God hates gays" or "the Obama administration turning America socialist".

The video above is a response to 2 right wing commentators who suggested that the devastation in Haiti was bought on by devil worship and communism. The response is done in the same vein that the right wing commentators spoke. It was all hate.

The use of inflammatory words by either side creates an emotional response by the viewer. Do we really want more emotionally hate filled people? Perhaps the only real response to this kind of hate is to ignore it...but then again, does our silence suggest agreement?

I can't help but believe that i can disagree with someone on an emotional level and still respond to them without wishing them dead or in hell. But maybe that is just the pregnancy hormones talking. What do you think? Can we respond to vocalised hatred without resorting to the same rhetoric?