Monday, April 05, 2010

she loves me:)

It is in endless source of amusement to me that the dog still loves me. I don't mistreat her or anything but i'm becoming less and less comfortable as a dog cushion. She made it very clear the other day when she jumped onto my lap only to look at me forlornly asking (with her eyes) "where did your lap go?" She immediately jumped down and found a more comfortable spot on the floor...on top of rusty nails and a hammer.

But she does still love me. I know this because in the morning she always believes that the stomach will have magically disappeared in the night. She jumps onto the bed and burrows under the covers to snuggle in close to me. As soon as she discovers the kicking belly, she's gone again but not before giving my face a morning wash. ICK...i really should train her not to do that.

Today is a cool day and she's snuggled up into the side of my leg...snoring. Yep, she still loves me.

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