Saturday, September 04, 2010

Son of Jesse Review

For those who attended the Son of Jesse Concert over the weekend you will find it no surprise that i was greatly impressed with the outcome. However you might find it a big strange that the director and stage manager should write a review of their own play. But what i saw was so different from what the audience saw under the lights of the stage. This review is all about the play from the back end.

When the night began with the main star MIA for his first scene and a mic acting up, i feared the worst. But the night soon pulled itself together to produce a beautiful play. Special note should be made of Grace's part. Her command of the comms set and the mastery of the mics made the play. She kept her cool even in the face of a mic pack that just would not cooperate.

Rosalie should also grant a mention. Her strong and determined presence backstage made finding props and costumes so simple.

Many scenes were punctuated by Heidi's special "get rid of nerves and warm up" dance. The sight of Heidi prancing in little circles will be with me for a very long time and will make me smile each time i think about it.

There were a few moments of stress. At times Justin seemed to have gone to a different dress rehearsal than the rest of the cast. From misunderstanding timings to predicting next scenes we really began to worry he might be listening to his demon and angel selves instead of the directors. But he kept himself in good humour and pulled off a great performance.

Over all the night was a fabulous success both from the front and the back end.

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