Thursday, September 13, 2007

It happened late one night

I lay sleeping (as one does at 2 am) and suddenly a strange sound woke me from my slumber. It wasn't making any sense until my hubby asked me where the phone was. It instantly dawned on me that it was my house phone ringing...and apparently it had been ringing for a while.
I told hubby where i last remembered the phone and he ran to get it but it stopped before he got there. Next my mobile started ringing. By this time i was certain that it was probably someone from my family (who are not based on the same side of the world as i am) calling to tell me something. I decided that it must be important because they had never called at 2 am before!

I tried to grab my phone, but in my sleepy stuper, i failed to answer it before it went to voice mail.

Deciding that it must not really be that important i tried to go back to sleep.

This was not to be.

My conscious began to work and suggest all sorts of reasons why a call in the middle of the night should be returned. So i slowly got out of bed and rang my mother. (if anything was wrong she'd know)

She answered her phone with a certain amount of curtness which i found unusual. Apparently she was in the middle of the meeting and thought i was someone else.

She said that it had been my sister that rang but that my sis was in NEW YORK without her mobile phone so i wouldn't be able to call her back. I figured that it must be impressive movement to get from my mother's office to NEW YORK in the space of 10 minutes!

I went back to bed satified that i'd done everything i could do to get in contact with the sista.

I closed my eyes and began to see unicorns dancing when suddenly the unicorns turned blue and started ringing. My mobile phone was lighting up and indicating i had another call. So i slowly grabbed the phone and answered it.

Sure enough. it was my sis. She just wanted to use up a bit of time while she waiting for her plane. She had another 4 hours before her plane left and was stuck at the airport. She wanted me to help use up the time.

I helped her with 22 minutes and 34 seconds of it. Then i fell asleep. I think i hung up the phone first...

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watson_vagabond said...

thanks for helping me! :) it made a huge difference and when the unicorns started talking into the phone, i knew it was time to hang up. :)

i have no idea what our time differences are now...ikes! :)