Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Its Britney Bitch

i am not a Britney fan. Usually i enjoy bagging her out more than any sort of support.

Yet, as i finally watched the youtube clip with Britney dancing away at the MTV awards, i felt a bit bad for her. I watched her swagger, stumble and mumble various things...and i did wonder if she really wanted a come-back. I mean, with two young kids, a media flaunted depression, and a divorce battle, how committed can she possibly be to this comeback?

Having said that, i read a review that referred to her body as unacceptable. I nearly gagged! If a woman is not allowed to look like this after she's had two children, exactly what sort of hope to "normal" people have of ever being "perfect"? I felt that her weight should not have even been an issue, being that she was there to perform. Criticise her style, her moves, her song, but to rate her body is just tacky (even if her dress sense sort of asks for it)

But if anyone else was interested in watching the clip of her dancing...or rather stumbling at the MTV be the clip


Lindsey Lou said...

No frickin' kidding. I wouldn't mind looking that "unacceptable."

Della said...

I was thinking the same thing! God, it'd be nice to only be that fat. Okay, Britney Spears is somewhat bonkers by the seem of it. BUT "fat"??? Compared to Nicole Richie, perhaps. No wonder people's body images are so screwed up these days if that is "fat."

Miss Clare said...

I would love to be that unaccepatable. thankfully the only comments i heard were about how noone should be wearing that in public. no matter what they look like.