Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Isn't that cute?

Last week i enjoyed reading about President Bush's tour of Africa. It was just so quaint. Not only did he manage to get some media coverage of him attempting to dance with a Libian girl, he also got some brilliant sound clips. My personal favourite was his thoughts on how to stop HIV.

He claims he works on the ABC policy (Abstinence, Be faithful, use Condoms). If he'd stick to the same acronym rule this might make more since, but its Bush, so i'll just classify it as "cute". As in: "Isn't that cute that he knows three letters in five words!".

The other thing i just find so cute about him is his belief that every country has the same culture as he does; you know, inbred Texan. It is adorable how he simply wipes away hundred of years of another culture with a simple "ABC" policy. (There is no stigma against having multiple partners in Africa. In some places it is even encouraged. There is no money for people when they get old. Your best insurance is to have lots of children who can take care of you when you can no longer work. Having fewer children means risking starving to death late in life. Thus multiple sexual partners helps bring more children. Using condoms risks not having children.)

I know that i should be angry at Bush for having such a pathetic policy that blatantly goes against everything they believe in. I know i should shake my fist at his stupid acronyms but there really is nothing more than can be done about his ways. After all his time is coming and a new man (or woman) will take over. So there is no more reason to be angry...i can just shake my head and laugh at his silly childish ways.

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Litigious Mind said...

Have you seen this yet? If so, you need to. It might help you feel slightly better about the situation. Temporarily, at least.