Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Its a Classic

"It's a classic." I have no idea what that means. When a used car salesman says it i immediately interpret "classic" as "useless". When a fine arts dealer says "classic" i translate "expensive". When a photographer says "classic" i can't help but think "sexy". Taking all my understandings of this one word the description of the picture to the right would go something like, "Useless, sexy, expensive photo". It's definitely not an accurate description of the girl behind painted lips and perfect hair.

Isn't it funny how our understanding of classic changes over time? In the same way that "the good old days" were never good and they never felt old at the time; our understanding of classic is romanticised as time goes by.

Classic is more of a concept of imperfect perfection. We romanticise the hard times, the good times, the every time. We spin and twirl it til it because something it never was.

People become ideals. Situations become causes. Everything points to a reason, but the reason is rarely around to be found out.

Its all just... classic.

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