Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Late in the night

When your brain is tired, convincing it to connect with your fingers is almost impossible. I am doing the impossible. Either that or my fingers have developed little brains of their own and have taken over my usual body movements when faced with a laptop and an 'on' switch.

You would think that this could translate into getting another scene finished in the webavision series (if i haven't inflicted the details of that on you yet, you should ask me). Sadly it doesn't. The only thing it really means is that my spell checker is forced to work over time.

If my fingers have developed little brains of their own, do you suppose they will stage a coup in the night and take over the rest of the body? God, i hope not. If they did, i'm pretty certain that i wouldn't know what to do with myself. I hate being in two minds about any subject. I don't think i could handle ten little ones.

Being that this blog entry is digressing into the absurd, i will leave you with only one more thought. If relgion is the opiate of the masses and religion was some how outlawed. Do you think that the government would supply a new opiate?

1 comment:

ansell said...

Of course they would... why do you think Howard was such a big Cricket fan? ;-)

Sport is already the established opiate of the masses in secular societies.

Nice work for a rant using only finger thought though!