Saturday, December 13, 2008

heating up the christmas season

Every year i mention (if not complain) about it. It's December and the heat is almost least today. Living in the southern hemisphere has a lot of benefits, but i will never get used to Christmas being hot. I just can't seem to find the special signal that tells me "CHRISTMAS IS HERE!".

Somehow all my favourite Christmas traditions are lost when it is 90 degrees outside. Getting cosy by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate seems silly. Putting up a pine tree with large bulbs that emit warm colour to the room all seem misplaced. The worst is shopping in the stores with Christmas music playing. As i browse swimwear the store blares "frosty the snowman". I have doubts that frosty would last more than 5 minutes here.

One tradition that still works is Eggnog. Somehow mixing my eggnog (with milk and nutmeg, not rum) and enjoying a cool glass feels like Christmas, even in the heat. The taste seems to signal that Christmas really is here. Although i will never get used to Christmas here, at least i can enjoy my eggnog.

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SugarPuff said...

having grown up with hot chirstmases, I must say that for me, Christmas smells like mangoes and tastes like cherries :)