Friday, December 05, 2008

kristin blogs again

I sometimes wonder if advertisers realise what they have done to me. In their attempt to entice me to buy whatever they are selling, they dress ladies in sex and babies in cuteness. They use bright colours and "personal" stories. But in truth, i am more likely to buy a product i've researched on the net, rather than something i've seen on tv. In fact, i would say that if i've seen it on tv, i'm less likely to trust it.

I realise my logic isn't clear so let me explain.

While watching a television program an advertisement for a hair care product will come on. They use beautiful models with quite frankly, unbelievable hair. The hair looks like its been photoshoped. Now i know their products are sold in stores. I know that i have friends who use the product. I have never seen anyone who had hair that looked like it had been retouched with a computer. Thus, i decide that the commericial is lying about their product. Thus, i don't want to buy their product.

Now i'm not sure when advertisers began to think that their audience would believe whatever was put before them, but i really think they need to re-evaluate this belief. The internet has proven to be a powerful tool for the consumer and if the advertiser doesn't think that we can find out information about their product all by ourselves, they are fooling themselves.

So my message to the advertising companies:

We, the consumer, are smarter than your blond models. Stop addressing us like we aren't!

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clarebear said...

If i see anthing advertising how they are better than the competition and actually naming the competition (such as subway naming McDonalds and Hungry Jacks as being unhealthy... and they think salad that has sat around all day in the hands of teenage boys is healthy?) I wont buy it.