Thursday, March 12, 2009

working girl

It was with great excitement that i have begun work at an animal shelter. I have been working with cats whose owners have passed away and left them to the shelter for care. These animals will not be destroyed but will live out the rest of their days without a home populated with other people. These cats live a privalaged life that includes their own room, a garden, and a personal tv. While they have everything they need to keep them going physically, there isn't a lot of people time. I have found it to be a great joy to spend time grooming, cleaning, and caring for these cats.

^This is Chantra. One of my favourite cats. She's beautiful and so sweet. she follows me EVERYWHERE!

^This is Chantra's brother. He doesn't appear as nice but it turns out he is a sweetheart as well. He just doesn't always know how to show it as well. (BTW: both these two cats are available for foster homing, but not for adoption. contact me if your interested in being their mummy or daddy for a while)

^These are parts of two cats that could be Bob's brothers.

^This is the 10 month old kitten that gave birth to a litter of 4 a couple months ago. She's had it rough. She's currently learning how to trust people again so she can be adopted to a loving home.

^Its me and my snuggle bumpkins!...she's so happy to be in the photo as you can see.


Melody said...

So...what does fostering entail? ;)

kris said...

There are lots of reasons animals get fostered out. Some times an animal is too young to be adopted and needs extra care. Some times it is a matter of special needs. The two cats pictured have been left to the RSPCA in a will. They are allowed to be fostered out, but they can not be adopted.

This means that if the foster parents decide they can not care for the animals, they go back to the rspca. It also means that the rspca can make sure they are not separated (which is a condition for fostering these two)

if your looking for general information, check out:

Anonymous said...

I want to work there too. And I would foster kitties but I can't right now. But I wish I could.

Della said...

Chantra's doing the DevilKitteh expression! Aww bless.

becky said...

i love your hair!and the kitties are very cute. glad you get to kitty-sit. all the benefits of helping animals without the crowdedness in an apartment.