Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What local internet addict is spending too much time worrying about the Jolie family?

It amazes me the rubbish papers publish, receives attention from the public. How does a picture of a couch count as news? when you claim that Brad Pitt has been spending his nights there. GAH! that isn't news! that is lazy publishing!

I think the reason that certain celebrities continue to be in the lime light week after week is because readers want to see 'what happens next' in their story. We all know the Jolie-Pitt story, but we want to see what happens next. How does the fabulously wealthy, ultra good looking, with beautiful children manage to screw up? We want to know! cause they can't have all that and not be secretly sucky at SOMETHING! and we, the public, have to know.

Maybe we'd leave them alone if they'd just open the door to their villa and tell us what it was. "we are rubbish at putting away our shoes" said Angelina.

Then again, we probably would only be more desperate for something more exciting in the sucky department.

The thing is...i managed to avoid the magazines full of almost clothed celebrities. I manage to pass on the blatant gossip sites, such as page6 and Perez Hilton...yet i get stuck on the entertainment/social section of the news sites. damn...sucked in again! How does that happen? i don't usually find myself attracted to the ho hum life of overpaid, under clothed actors...i think it's the tag lines. It must be the tag lines that suck me in.

"Which star watched as their stunt double got into an awkward position?"

clicking link in 3..2..1

Sigh...i'm such a sucker.

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