Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Favourite quote of the week

Apparently in Germany, traces of cocaine were found Red Bull. This has led to a banning of the drink. In New Zealand, a woman who has continued heart problems due to drinking nothing but Red Bull, has claimed the drink is addictive. [linkage here]

In response to these allegations Red Bull issued this statement:

A Red Bull spokesman said there was “scientific evidence that caffeine is not addictive”.

The quote reminds me of the movie, "thank you for smoking". In the film a Public Relations officer must promote smoking to the world, yet teach his child a healthy lifestyle.

I wonder if this spokesman feels he is that Public Relations officer.

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Anonymous said...

I read that article today as well. I loved the quote too, made me laugh out loud. Although to be fair the woman who has been drinking nothing but red bull is drinking 14 cans and day and doing because it is an appetite suppressant and she wants to lose weight.