Thursday, July 03, 2008

rapid aging

I am definitely getting "getting" old...i am old. I have determined this fact from watching girls merely 2-3 years my junior with their partners.

If you ever need to feel mature, go to the local hang out spot and watch the couples interact. If you last more than 20 minutes without feeling ill, you're either in a very good town (send me the name of the town, i'm willing to move) or you're part of "that age group".

"That age group" is categorised by their screeches. Their sickeningly sweet displays of affection (usually meant for the public's attention) and their speech impediment that makes every other word sound like "sex!"

I'm certain that any doctor in the country would recognise that spending more than 20 minutes in the presence of this is bad for your health. It definitely caused my rapid aging!

1 comment:

Lee Clarke said...

I must be getting old too because I know exactly what you are talking about.