Monday, August 04, 2008

brief update

It's been a while since i posted. Reason: i'm on holiday.

I will be on holiday for another 2ish weeks. So far we've seen a little of hawaii (fun and WARM) spent some time with my mum (HEAPS OF FUN!) and now we are running around the north west usa. Currently i am typing this post from my brother's room at Walla Walla. It is so nice to see my brother.

I just wanted you all to know that i'm doing well and having fun and still alive. Take care, more pictures will follow soon...probably.

OH! one more thing. I managed to get my hands on 7 seasons of buffy for the amazing price of $140! i'm so happy. my fangirl self is going on a buffy fest...possibly while we drive around the North West USA:)


Ida said...

And when will you visit Europe? ;)

kris said...

as soon as finances allow:)