Thursday, August 28, 2008

Falling down

I fell down a flight of stairs the other day. It's strange how your mind works as you fall to your near death experience. My first thought was, "don't yell. cause people will hear that". My plan was to quietly bounce down the stairs and shake the rafts as went.

I made it to the bottom without a sound escaping my lips. "maybe no one heard that i thought". A moment later a kind gentleman rushed over to see if i was okay. He looked over me. "WOW! you want to do it again? this time i'll film it!" Seconds later the entire building was standing over me. "DON"T MOVE!" they yelled at me.

I felt fine. My ego had shatter on the way down but i felt fine. I explained i was okay while they asked if anything was broken. I looked around. "My pen, i think".

I got up assuring them there was nothing to fear and that i was fine. I limped out the door feeling slightly bruised, very embarrassed but surprisingly unhurt.

30 minutes later the shock wore off. My whole body hurt. I felt like walking would possibly kill me. I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. Thankfully about that time hubby showed up and refused to let that happen. He nursed me back to semi health that evening and i returned to work (much to the astonishment of my colleagues) the next day.

Today i still feel sore. and you wouldn't believe the bruises i've got on my hips!


Della said...

Could always just sue them ;)

Or make demands for a personal elevator.

(But really, glad you're okay and didn't die!)

becky said...

whoa, i'm so glad you're ok, Kris!

course you could now work as a stuntwoman if you needed to.