Sunday, August 10, 2008

The making of

One of the most fascinating things that we have seen on our trip as been the making of the carousel. This project has been put together through the effort of volunteers who help carve, paint, and polish the pieces. We got very excited. The entire project will take many years to complete, but the process is amazing, so i've included a few photos.

^the model of the end project.

^a few of the finished/almost finished products.

Can you believe they are all hand carved??!


Brandon said...

Wow, so many meaningful and clever comments already... I don't know if I can compete.

I'll try: "Good blog. You're great! Thumbs up."

Anyways, those are some pretty amazing pictures. How do they get the vivid polished colors to come out?

Oh and I made it to Costa Rica. The language school and my host family are top notch. I'll be almost bilingual in a few weeks :D

kris said...

they put on the same polish top coat that is put on cars. Thats what makes it shiny.