Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too much radio goo goo!

As a 'perk' of my job i get to listen to the top 40 radio station all day long. Every morning they do a segment where the male host calls up some unsuspecting victim and convinces them that something has gone horribly wrong in their life. He continues to pester them until they come unstuck and start swearing or yelling. He then reveals himself (as a radio host) and tells them one of their beloved friends or relatives set them up. and then comes the part i don't get. The person who has just been duped, THANKS the radio host for doing this to them.

I find the whole process annoying at best so perhaps i should find a different topic to speak on but i can't help but want to rant a little.

If anyone did this to me, there would be no "funny ha ha" moment at the end. There would be a 'click'. The person who set me up would find that our relationship had somewhat soured. I have enough stress in my life, i really don't want anyone ADDING TO IT!

and i guess i kind of imagine the rest of the world is the same...

but apparently I'm wrong because these poor losers keep THANKING the damn host for stressing them out til their eyeballs pop!

some days i really do feel like an alien on this planet.


Odysseus Snelling said...

This really demonstrates the lack of intelligence of the average human... where the joke that I wrote yesterday about the difference between Fetish and Kink would probably be decried as smut, with howls of "Think of the chil'ren" to boot!

People are stupid... that's why I'm with CNNNN... I mean, the BBC... I mean Triple J! :D

Della said...

Those sort of things really annoy me. I think if that happened to me, the "friend" would find my nicely-shod foot firmly planted in their ass.

Della said...

Addendum: Would probably have to dispose of shoes following that, though.