Friday, July 10, 2009

the stress might be getting to me

If I hear one more advertisement tell me to "trust the experts", i think i'm going to scream! Every advertisement that claims to have found a cure for this that or the other thing continues to demand that i trust them, but give little or no reason why. Perhaps i should trust them because they are on television, the internet, or my radio. But the truth is, very few of the advertisements will give exactly what they promise. In fact, i have yet to find a product that does what a television comercial claim it does.

For instance, IBProfin does not lead to walks on beaches with dogs. At best, it leads to not writhing around in pain.

Various de-greasers do not magically wipe the grease way with an easy swipe. You have to scrub! It is a dirty job and i never get to the end of it and look 'fresh'.

So, dear advertisers, i do NOT want to trust you or whatever product you are peddling. now leave me the FUCK alone!!!!

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