Tuesday, February 16, 2010

love it or leave it

I was a pretty naive girl when i first left my home country. I thought that my home country was amazing and that seeing the world would only confirm that belief. What i didn't realise was that i was about to enter the world of 'the migrant' and become one of the most hated groups on the planet, and by extension an outsider even in my home country.

Every country i've been to or heard of has a certain amount of nationalism. This isn't a bad thing until nationalism becomes synonymous with 'white only' or 'native only' or 'christian only' (you get the idea). Countries that have freedoms of speech are often quick to declare anyone who disagrees with [insert any group]'s understanding of nationalism should leave the country.

The implication of this statement is that
  1. you (the person who disagrees) are the ONLY person who feels the way you do.
  2. There are other countries who have national policies that agree with your view
  3. your views are not important enough to debate.
This kind of argument is not helpful in creating and maintaining a healthy free country. It makes me angry that people put bumper stickers on their car that say things like that. It makes me angry when politicians suggest that migrants who disagree with an parts of their new countries policies should be "sent back".

Forcing or pressuring your opponent out of the country does not mean you 'won' the debate. It just makes you a bully.


Kyle said...

your blog just gave me a trip back to my childhood...

Reporter: 'Excuse me ma'am, what do you think about all the
Protests in America today?'
Lady: 'Well, my advice to all the a demonstraters would be
Either love it or leave it.'
Reporter: 'Pardon me sir, what do you think of America
And all the protest that's going on?'
Man: 'Protest huh, well, I think they may have a valid
Point. I mean, like, something's got to be done in Ameica,
Either we change it or lose it.'

'Amerrrrriiiiiicaaaaaaa... my country 'tis of thee...'

(sing with me!)

Kyle said...

dammit, i'm jenne, not kyle!