Thursday, February 11, 2010

quotes from the interweb

So lately i've been reading a lot of stuff from various online sources. I thought i'd share some of my favourite quotes of the week with you.

If it's "The Land of the Free", why am I always broke?? -Josh Lawson

"Question: Were getting 18 inches tomorrow. Any advice?
Answer: --Lubricate.
" - via Brent Spiner

"The scope of RC (Restricted Classification) is simply too broad and can raise genuine questions about restrictions on access to information. RC includes the grey realms of material instructing in any crime from [painting] graffiti to politically controversial crimes such as euthanasia, and exposing these topics to public debate is vital for democracy." - Iarla Flynn

Today, I'm practicing being grateful. Not actually grateful- just practicing - Nathan Fillion

My 80-year-old grandmother accidentally smashed her hand into the wall while hauling her garbage can into the garage. It swelled up and turned purple and looked awful. One of my aunts came over that evening and said "Mom, what did you do to your hand?!" and Grandma replied "This is nothing. You should see the other guy." IMMD - Jill

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