Friday, June 15, 2007

Got Talent?

It never ceases to amaze me the kind of reality shows that get put on television. Big Brother is a classic example of reality television lost in space. Sure, you get to meet knew people (or at least spy on new people) and yes, you get to see what silly things they'll do next...but It's kinda sad when you suddenly realise that you and your partner are sitting around in a living room, watching friends in a living room sit around and talk about what they are going to make for tea.

The various countries versions of "_____'s Got Talent" seems to be something that sucked me in. Somehow i like the idea of watching people do absolutely strange things. It is also pretty sad to suddenly realise I'm watching a show to see what sort of freak is going to be featured next.

Reality TV is all the rage, but it seems to be that it is a substitute for an actual life. We hire or bribe people to entertain us and the more painful for them it is, the more fun it is for us.

Sure i could criticize Reality TV for being shallow and Colosseum-like, but whats the point? we'll still watch with blurry eyed fascination tomorrow night.

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