Tuesday, June 12, 2007

top 5 actors

In a shameless attempt to actually post something on my blog, i've devised a top five actors who are worth watching. i feel i should define "worth watching". Worth Watching refers to their ablity to craft a believable character that is fun and interesting to watch.

5. Liam Neeson

Status: Sold soul to Hollywood for a title role in Star Wars...(somewhat forgivable)
Great Characters: Jean Valjean, Oskar Schindler, Daniel,
Why he's goood: He brings an earthy sort of feel to his characters. You actually believe you might bump into one of them on the street.

4. Kevin Kline

Status: Pure actor
Great Characters:Otto, Luc Teyssier, Nick Bottom
Why he's goood: He manages to create unique characters for each movie is in. He also seems to be able to distingish (for the most part) between a quality film and a quality paycheck.

3. Edward Norton
Status: Unknown. he's scheduled to play the Hulk. If he does, he sells out.
Great Characters: The Narrator, Monty Brogan, Brian Finn, Aaron Stampler
Why he's goood: His nice guys are good, his bad guys are terrifyingly believable. (anyone remember the stutterer from Primal Fear?)

2. Christian Bale-
Status: Soul sold to Hollywood when he stared in the movie Batman Begins
Great Characters: Cowboy, John Preson, Alfred Borden
Why he's goood: He has the ability to change accents subtly to fit any character. I have never known him to use the same accent on two characters.

1. Johnny Depp

sold his soul to the big hollywood scene when he filmed Pirates of the Carribean
Great characters:
Edward Scissorhands, Ichabod Crane, James Matthew Barrie, and even Jack Sparrow.
Why he's goood:
He flaws his characters in ways that are believable and yet intice you to want to understand the person more. The flaws are often believably exaggerated, so that the audience can laugh at the character while still recognizing the flaw as realistic.


watson_vagabond said...

very good picks. these men have talent and believe acting is about becoming another person and not just showing how they would act if they saw the love of their life...again.

Note: Edward Norton--kinda sold out with his Italian job gig. His character was not very crafted. Fun movie, but his acting was similiar to Julia Roberts in Ocean's Eleven---you're glad he's there, but don't really believe his character.

Jonny Depp: sold his soul when he agreed to Pirates 2 and 3. He has said he loved playing Jack Sparrow and pretty much crafted the character to simulate a rock star. His love of the character caused him to sell out to ok movies with a high paycheck.

kris said...

i love what al pachino said about scripts and paychecks. The better the script the less money you get to do it. The worse the script, the more money you'r offered to do it.

watson_vagabond said...

hehe, it makes sense.

Kaisa said...

I know that this is a very far behing comment; as the post is almost off the page now; but Christian Bale is also excelent as teddy in little women....

and Johnny dep in Cry baby...

I quite like those two actors (as actors) from your list...