Saturday, June 23, 2007

New family member

After many months of marriage, hubby and i got a bit romantic and decided to add to our family. After much debated we've narrowed the list of new family members to the following choices. feel free to vote

A) Dolphin- we've still got enough water in our backyard.
B) A miniture pig- we hear they make great pets, very cuddly
C) a child- although we hear they don't do well unless you feed them
D) or a dog...this is our top choice, so i've enclosed a picture


Rodrigo said...

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Karl said...

Um, yes, I agree. Spanish T-shirts. White ones. Have fun....

Kaisa said...

I would have to vote for the pig; if you decide to get sheep some day it can become a sheep pig. I think that you might have animal rights on your back should you go with dolphin... Children acutally grow up and get worse with age; and why would you want a dog if you could have a sheep pig?