Sunday, June 17, 2007

weighing in on the Microwave effect

According to the Nutritionist i saw a few months ago, I'm overweight. I am outside the "normal" body weight for someone of my height and age. I'm not really that worried. I eat pretty healthfully (lots of veggies and fruits and wheats and all those good things). I admittedly don't exercise as much as i should, but I'm learning to.

Most of the weight solutions I've seen advertised focus on quick weight loss. I consider it the microwave effect. We have gotten so used to being able to do things quickly (like bake a potato in three minutes) we just assume we should be able to speed up everything like that.

Maybe its that i don't consider myself out of control as far as my weight goes, but i have never considered a diet pill in my life.... until about 10 minutes ago when i read an article about the new FDA approved pill Alli. Now when i say "consider" i imagined what it would be like if i took this pill and everything they say about the pill were true.

Sure, I'd probably lose a bit of weight. My body would become unable to absorb the fat that i eat, and expel it from my body with the rest of the things expelled. But the warning label reminds me that this drug could cause me to lose my ability to control my bladder for myself. That could be embarrassing. Then there is the pesky farting with oily discharge. I'd ruin some of my best underwear that way!

So after considering taking this diet pill, i decided not to. Not only because the side effects could ruin my social more than a great body could ever fix. I just don't see why i should rush a process that by all accounts works best (as in long term) if done slowly. I suppose you could consider this my microwave rebellion.

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Lindsey Lou said...

Seriously, sometimes it's just ridiculous what people will do to lose weight the "easy" way.