Friday, August 24, 2007

In the event of an emergency, jump

As the rain pelted the ground i noticed that the living creatures all moved out of its way. Perhaps we are all like the wicked witch who melts in the face of water. Or perhaps its all much less mystical. After all the worms still enjoy a good shower.

The irony here is that the one person in the neighbourhood who is the witch, moves outdoors for this solomn occasion and waters her plants. It is probably her belief that God is evil that makes her ensure her plants get the proper amount of water during a rain storm. Maybe God doesn't water her plants because she's a witch.

The local handyman isn't letting the rain bother him either. He's mowing his lawn. He understands that rain causes the grass to grow and he isn't going to let his lawn get the chance to be lush and green THIS time. I just heard the motor sputter, so perhaps the witch is encouraging him to allow the plants to grow. Either that or she threw water on him and he was forced to move indoors.

The sun is out again and the close on the line hang limp and dripping. I suppose the rain really is a problem for some things.

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