Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Whats your worth

What is the value of your life? What do you contribute to your society? Do you contribute? If you answered no the the last question, you may be in danger of being lit on fire.

According to some teenagers in Japan, if you don't contribute to the society/economy, than you are no more valuable than rubbish or a stray animal. Thus, setting you on fire and distinguishing your existance helps clean the area for people who are more profitable than you are.

So next time you consider joining a nudist colony with strong communist overtones, remember the lessson from the teens: Do Something Important or Die Screaming.


Miss Clare said...

hmm... teenagers.. what do they contribute to society (other than setting people/animals/etc on fire)... maybe they should also be set on fire.

yes i do believe in cruel and unusual punishment.
If the punishment does not relate to the crime howwill they ever understand the full effects of setting people on fire?

kris said...

good point. a great cruel and unusual punishment would be to work in a mental home for three years. You only get to leave the job IF you manage to keep people from catching on fire.

Miss Clare said...

ooh, i like that. :)

Taylor said...

Oh but that last idea was what I was pinning my entire life on, at the moment at least... Viva la Revalution!!! Join a communistic, nudist commune!

Maybe your sister would like to join me! ;)

kris said...