Thursday, August 23, 2007

One for the money, two for the road

After a week's absence i'm back. well, i'm posting a new blog entry that i'm sure will be immediately picked up by the local and national paper. Well, maybe not the paper, but i'm sure talk back radio would enjoy a quick read of my blog on-air. It would bring heaps of people out of the woodworks to talk about the latest issue that i'm blogging about...which today will be Darren Hayes.

Well, not exactly about Darren Hayes, more to do with his husband. You see, Darren married a man who isn't an australian citizen. (shame on him) THis means, every time he comes back to his country getting hubby in is suddenly a lot of hard work. Sure he can come in on a tourist visa, but he can't work on that. He can't stay more than 3 months on that (unless he gets a special tourist visa). This makes Mr. Hayes very upset because every other heterosexual spouse of an australian has "little" trouble getting in.

While i appreciate Darrens predicament. I think he need to realise something. Australia will NEVER open its arms to foreigners...even if they are very good looking british men. Sorry, mate. Take a deep breath and realise the truth. Immigration to the sun-burnt country is hard, even for a straight non-famous person.


Jennifer said...

i hear it's not too difficult for foreigners with a CPA license....think it's worth a shot next summer? (i wish)

kris said...

sure! you'll still have to work thru the 3 feet of paper work...but i'm sure someone with a CPA license wouldn't find that too daunting;)