Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Shooting in the USA..

It seems like every week we get a new story about a shooting in the states. Last week it was a part-time police officer who went crazy over an ex-girlfriend and shot several people. This week it was a boy who took a gun to school and wounded teachers and classmates before killing himself. Later in the week we heard of a boy who was planning another school attack!

Its strange that these stories of tragedy should become so common place in America. With all the hype of security, it seems that people are feeling less secure. If there was a better way for the gunmen to get what they wanted, do you think they'd have been gunmen?

We can easily push this off as crazy people acting out...but crazy people do not just reside in America (contrary to popular belief and most evidence). There are crazy people all over the world, yet for whatever reason there are fewer shootings coming from the UK, the EU, and Australia.

I personally believe that the reason shootings are less frequent in these countries is because the citizens feel more secure. Its not about the security measures that the governments are taking. Its about people feeling like they have control over their life.

Whatever it takes to get a solution, it needs to happen soon. i don't think the country needs any more death by guns next week.

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