Monday, October 29, 2007

Top Five Reasons

Top five reasons why its better to have illegially downloaded entertainment than legally bought stuff.

5. You are not forced to watch only things available to you locally. Online you
can watch movies from a variety of different places. Thus enhancing your world
and personal views.

4. You are not suckered into watching an entire
crappy movie just because their preview advertisement was well funded. You can
always decide you don't like something and turn it off without feeling that your
waisting your money.

3. You are able to give a clear indication to the
entertainment industry about what you want them to produce because you can
download it, then only buy the stuff you actually like. They are able to tell
which productions are good...not just which previews.

2. It is easier to
get a full album in the format you want it online, than it is to buy it in

1. The downloaded movies, shows, etc are all region free. you
don't have to spend extra money buying more changes to your region on your


Ida said...

I agree

Ben said...

No matter what you say, it is still illegal.

But as for your reasons...
5 and 4 are valid points.
3, what's making you go out and buy the stuff you like? You already have it.
2 is true, but the only good reason to pirate music is so that you get only the 1 or 2 songs that you actually like from an album.
1, this is silly. It is very easy to find a crack for your dvd drive.

kris said...

ben, the problem with cracks (that i've installed in the past) is that they come with happy little virus' that eat my computer. any suggestions on what sort of crack i can use (and where to find it) that won't cause my computer to stop recognizing the dvd drive, slow my computer to a crawl, or crash my computer completely?