Monday, November 12, 2007

Music review: Rock It

The Gorillaz have released a new single entitled "Rock It". While i've been a long time fan of the group, i've found this song to be as dead as the zombies in the music video. While parts of the song threaten to be interesting they slide back into a slow drumlin of chant. The effect of a chant can be powerful in a song if used sparingly. When the entire song is barely more than a continued chant, the song loses its life and fades into the background of boring elevator music.

I had hoped for more from the Gorillaz

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Della said...

I just have to ask, what is it with zombies in clips lately? Kisschasey's Spray-On Pants, Young and Restless's song with the clip of them in the graveyard, there's some other random ones... Or maybe I watch too much Rage.

And maybe I'm also annoyed I missed joining in on the zombie shuffle in Melbourne ;)

But the song? Pretty average.