Monday, November 26, 2007


I honestly wasn't sure that Kevin Rudd was going to get into office, but i was pleased that a change in leadership took place. Not because i thought John Howard was the worst Prime Minister that Australia had ever seen, but rather because i felt that his party had become complacent about their role. With members of his party passing out fake leaflets to discredit others, it just made me wonder if they truly understood the gratitude they should feel towards the people they represented.

I was glad to see Kevin Rudd making some bold movements straight away. His statement that we will ratify the Kyoto Protocol as soon as possible was an impressive, if somewhat more appearance driven than action. (in other words the Kyoto Protocol has some very interesting loopholes that mean some countries get a "please do nothing for signing this" clause. Although, Australia is not currently one of them)

I really hope that the changes that are going to be made to work places are for the best. I hope that people are more secure in their jobs than they were only a few months ago. I hope that things are more fair and employees better paid.

I have many hopes for this government. With any luck, we'll see one third of my hopes meant and the other two thirds of my hopes dashed to little bitty pieces. (please let Rudd have his own mind and not be a puppet of GWB...please please please PLEASE let that be in the 1/3 part)

Good luck Mr. Kevin Rudd. You'll definitely need it.


ansell said...

no need to be too pessimistic. wouldn't you feel soo much better if you said 50 percent of your hopes... that way you don't have to be so dissappointed if GWB is part of one or the other... all good!

ps. did your husband tell you everything about "us" ;-)

kris said...

Hey if i get surprised by him being 50/50 i'll be thrilled. but i don't want my hopes to get dashed too much.

and yes, i did see about "you"

Sauly said...

What scares me is a totally Labour run country! :( Oh well, hopefully it'll only be for 3 years...