Monday, November 26, 2007

and thats not all!

After a prolonged absence i have finally returned to my habit of blogging only to realise that i seem to have left my self in my other pair of jeans. In fact, i haven't seen those jeans in quite some time and i am beginning to wonder if they are still around.

Isn't it odd how people change you? Values can become changed and distorted when you spend a large amount of time with someone vastly different to you. I feel like that is what has happened to me. With so much work of late, i feel like my value system, which was meant to keep family time to a maximum has all but disappeared. Working 45 hour weeks was never part of the plan.

I am feeling less like me than i've ever felt.That can't be a good thing. But if i could only find those jeans that i left myself in, i'm sure things would go back to normal soon...i'm sure of it...


watson_vagabond said...

i'm sorry. i know your jeans are very close by though. sometimes it just takes a moment to remember where.

sometimes i wish i weren't quite so myself. remember the article i wrote called, "it's just me, a dumb american"...yeah, i'm thinking of adding a second article along the same lines about my adventures in italy. check out my last senario, "stealing from grandma"....

Della said...

Blogging after an absence is hard :(

Actually, blogging amongst people we know in general seems to have been rather quiet. Must be some variety of epidemic.

Is there no cure for this madness!?


Or does it mean we're all getting a life, while being slaves to the wage, etc, etc?